• Hbomberguy raises more than 45k for charity through the power of twitch shitpost
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https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2019/01/19/mermaids-trans-donkey-kong-twitch/ https://www.twitch.tv/hbomberguy He's 21 hours in and is nearly $50,000 in.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/297971/fce193c0-e3a6-47bd-a130-4ce1919364db/image.png He's been streaming a skeleton sitting his chair for hours while he sleeps, and that's geting more viewers than 99% of livestreams. Amazing
People raise less by actually committing to the full time, rather than copping out with a skeleton in a chair to sleep.
It's insane how badly people want to defund this charity. I can't even begin to understand wanting to so directly hurt transgender children. The gaming community's best figures showing up to support it is really amazing. I hope this gets even more support. https://i.imgur.com/H73vjW2.png
charity aside, dude deserves to be paid for the bravery required to 100% the absolute nightmare that is DK64
He got past his goal and is now at 73k.
this makes me really fucking happy to see, good on Hbomberguy for doing this stream and even more love to everyone donating. Graham Linehan worked on Father Ted, Black Books, IT Crowd - a bunch of shows I enjoy. Sucks to know someone critical to things I enjoy is such a dickbag.
Originally posted this in GD but fits better here https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyStupidClipzTooSpicy
God, Glinner was behind them being defunded? When is that cunt's endless cuntery gonna fucking STOP? He literally killed his own career doing it, too.
donkey kong is a trans icon now
We broke $105,000!
Grant Kirkhope
Damn fine work! That's an insane amount of money... I've never heard of this guy before (I only watch 1 streamer, I'm old fashioned) but he seems pretty cool. Also why is my name on his forehead.
It's a joke from his video on Flat Earthers. He's mostly known for his YouTube content anyway, far as I can tell this stream is just a shitpost response to Graham Linehan being a shitbag.
The stream has reached such a meme boiling point that Chelsea Manning somehow got into voice chat and is now talking with hbomberguy.
literally chelsea fucking manning what in the god DAMN WHhaht
Jim Sterling is there too, this stream has turned into the perfect trainwreck.
how did Beaver Bother pass any kind of playtesting or QC
I never played DK64, but jesus fuck, that minigame is bullshit. This might just kill him.
I think an actual DK64 speedrunner is on the stream right now to coach him on how to throw beavers in a hole. Also as they said itd be amazing if DK devs aknowledged this or even came on stream
He said that the next donation goal might be to get an apology from the DK64 devs for making Beaver Bother
If you've never played DK64, I'm going to give you a bit of information. No one tested the minigames. Even the 'good' ones are broken beyond belief. The arena ones are bordering on unbeatable at times, and the others? Probably were never touched by QA. They're beyond unfinished and completing all of them is unfathomable. Also you have to beat the arcade Donkey Kong TWICE TO BEAT THE GAME. FOR NO REASON.
good lord he finally beat that fuckin Beaver minigame. how long was he at that for lol
The beavers are dead. WOOOOOOOO
That's the first time I've seen a monkey on stream I love Jim. Beaver's are really intense https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1755/9cb482d6-1d1d-4d98-a4c3-306aca706d7c/image.png holy shit big dono
This is like those stupid wall crowd funds except funner and without the stupid
Linkara has joined the battle!
Scott Benson (1/3 of the Night in the wood dev team) is on the stream right now I think??
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