• Hbomberguy raises more than 45k for charity through the power of twitch shitpost
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Ron wasn't intelligent but was braver than Hermione, could occasionally wield some good common sense, and was the main source of wizarding world knowledge for the trio. You know, cos Hermione was a Muggle-Born and Harry spent more time in the closet than I did. Hermione was also panicky whereas Ron could be more level-headed. Then you watch the films and Ron is just a blundering buffoon that gets bullied by his brothers, whilst Hermione is a bookworm but a ~ cool no-nonsense bookworm ~ how did we get onto this topic
hbomberguy is a legend, always dabbing on the bootlickers
I wish just anyone could pull this off
I'd honestly support something that focuses on different charities every year, would be amazing. Would be a nice change instead of AGDQ supporting the PCF every single year.
Well that's the most overwhelmingly heart warming response to pointless bigotry I've seen in a long time. Kudos to everyone involved!
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