• Chechen authorities reportedly ordering people to kill LGBT family members
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https://www.thedailybeast.com/activists-chechen-authorities-demand-families-kill-lgbt-family-members-also-pay-ransoms?ref=scroll Russian campaigners have told The Daily Beast that Chechen authorities have ordered people to kill LGBT members of their own families, and have demanded ransoms for the release of detained LGBT relatives. According to reports, at least 40 people have been arrested in the last two to three weeks, many of them tortured, in a new crackdown against LGBT people in Chechnya. Two gay men have reportedly died following torture. “Chechen authorities demanded that relatives punish their gay family members by executing them,” one of the St. Petersburg volunteers for the Russian LGBT Network, who did not wish to be named, told The Daily Beast. “Several people who managed to escape have been raped with police clubs and tortured with electricity.” A human rights campaigner in Chechnya, who declined to be named, told The Daily Beast that the recently detained gay men and women were threatened with prosecution under article #221 of the country’s criminal code, possession of drugs. “Since the beginning of the purge in 2017, we have heard dozens of stories from Chechens who we helped about local government officials ordering relatives to execute their family members,” one of the Russian LGBT Network’s campaigners told The Daily Beast. “These so-called ‘murders of dignity’ are popular in Chechnya.” Dzhambulat Umarov, the Chechen Minister of National Policy, referred to the present detention, torture, and death allegations as “fantasy” and “nonsense.” Umarov added: “Considering the fact that they (gay people) have sick imagination to start from, I am not surprised that they can write nonsense like that.”
who's even left after the endless purges in Chechnya?
Somebody bash this evil cunt in the fucking face
What a fucked up people... brain dead Chechens. The whole Russia is a fucking corrupt shit hole which tries to ruin the rest of the world.
Ramzan Kadyrov 100% has terabytes of gay porn on his computer I'm calling it now. Anyone who is this homophobic has something to hide.
While I won't dispute that, I should also say that many Russians hate Chechens and other people from Caucasus.
Most of the Chechen "elites" are pedophiles, I remember hearing in news a year or two ago that they were marring 14-16 years olds.
Doesn't surprise me given some Islamic cultures are infamous for doing shit like this. Degenerates.
The meme of homophobes being gay has always felt really slimy to me tbh Like I understand the point of it but it feels like casual homophobia itself, using "they're gay lol" as a punchline
People who kill folks for who they love, are the reason I believe some people deserve a bayonet to the fucking temple. Fuck that man, that makes my blood boil.
It's supposed to be gay okay, pedo deado. They've got their wires crossed.
Here's hoping Canada is secretly smuggling more LGBT out of Chechnya again.
Just another day in the Russian Imperial territories.
This makes me so angry. I am extra irritated because I know there's nothing I can do to stop this horrible shit. How can you be so emphatically bankrupt that you'd do these kinds of things? I really don't like Russia and how Putin allows this guy to just do this to his own citizens. I don't even know how that Putin sleeps at night.
Considering the shit Putin did in the Chechen Wars, he probably tells the guy to send him pictures so he can get off to it.
I see it more as "they're a hypocrite" more than that but I get your point.
Russian campaigners have told So the only source is russians, it sounds crazy enough to be real given the state of eastern europe right now but its equally likely bullshit
The report is from a group called the "Russian LGBT Network" they're an LGBT rights group in opposition to the Russian government's anti-LGBT policies, they are not affiliated with the Russian government. Also the Chechen "government" is just an agency of the Putinist regime, not an independent state, they're officially a constituency of the Russian Federation, but are effectively an occupied territory.
"all evil homophobes are secretly gay!" is a diversion tactic to take the blame off the atrocities that various straight people have committed against lgbtq people in history (and, clearly, right now too)
I don't think that was the intent here. Often this joke refers to the notion that a lot of these homophobes aren't straight, and instead of coming to terms with it, they project their inner hatred of themselves onto everyone else
Well remember that Cechnya is majority muslim, at a rate of 95% in 2010, and the law officially refers to "Sodomy" as the crime, with the punishments being caning, public caning and then execution for each repeat offense. So if they're doing that by their book, if 6 was good enough for old uncle mo, it's good enough for them too.
Its more about the irony of it, and calling homophobes insecure about their sexuality.
Good lord that's one hell of a stretch. I was calling him an insecure hypocrite not trying to absolve straight people of being blameless lmao
It's not so much "they're gay lol" and more "look how retarded and insecure they are"
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