• Atlas (ark dev's pirate game) goes offline after people spawned WW2 Vehicles
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https://clips.twitch.tv/OriginalSolidNuggetsVoHiYo?tt_medium=clips_api&tt_content=url https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-01-18-ark-devs-pirate-mmo-atlas-goes-offline-after-cheaters-spawn-in-ww2-tanks-aeroplanes Grapeshot Games, an offshoot of Ark developer Studio Wildcard, has been forced to takes its pirate MMO Atlas offline and rollback servers after cheaters began spawning giant whales, tanks, and even aeroplanes into the game. The incident began yesterday evening when a group of players were streaming their armada's attempt to bring down an enemy galleon on Twitch. In the stream, hosted by a dashingly outfitted BurkeBlack, the armada's carefully laid plans are thrown into disarray as giant whales suddenly began spawning in unnaturally large numbers around the enemy's vessel. In a statement published in response to the incident, Atlas live producer and lead community manager Jatheish was quick to dismiss reports that the "devastation" was caused by hacks, third-party programmes, or exploits. Instead, Grapeshot insisted that the illicit spawns had been made possible when "an admin's Steam account was compromised".
Ark didnt have any WW2 stuff right? So is their new game gonna be Ark in WW2 setting?
The game got bombed.
Whats weird is the plane is a ww2 plane, but the tank is a ww1 land creeper. Why are both in the same game.
Like a Japanese Zero fighter.
"Vhat da hell vhas zhat?" - Streamer, German, Female after a Zero attempts to kamikaze their position
from what ive been told the ww2 stuff is just misc content made to show off modding capabilities for the game
I'm imagining they are/were toying with some cluster of world war vehicles and weapons with creatures like dragons and whatnot, like something out of Sucker Punch. The Ark developers seem to have real trouble focusing on what to do and make a grand mess of different, unoptimized content.
wow battlefield 5 really took a dump
it's a bird, it's a plane it's atlas further down the drain
And the plane appears to be a US Navy, while the tank is Imperial British. Did they just dump a bunch of WiP assets from other projects into this by mistake?
I like how even their custom WW2 vehicles are put together like fucking shit and are buggy
They are example mods for the modding tools the game has that for whatever reason exist on the live server
And yet it remains on the Steam top sellers list because fuck if I know.
This is the first time I've ever heard of an MMO that allows mod that isn't strictly client-side, unless it is a developer-only tool.
For some reason this kinda game attracts more casual gamers that only really play multiplayer games on their freetime with friends. I used to know a girl who would only play multiplayers shovelware like this cause it was "fun with friends" and she got me to blow my money on Ark.
I'm surprised this game is doing so well despite being a broken lazy thrown together game. Is it Twitch that we should blame on? Surprising amount of viewers watching it there for whatever reason (I guess people really like pirate MMOs?).
This game took a slot at E3 lmao. What a disaster
The Pirates of the Caribbean reboot took quite the unexpected turn there.
This isn't just normal fuckery, this is... A D V A N C E D F U C K E R Y . I mean holy fuck this is legendary levels of memeshit.
to be fair what ever they are doing with them is probably in very early development
Reminds me of Arma 2/ dayz mod hacking
I don't get why people are playing this trash or even streaming it?????? It's mostly negative rated on Steam
Far too many people are still oblivious to the fact that this """early access game""" is a standalone DLC of a game that came out of early access in this exact state It makes me immeasurably angry that wildcard keeps getting away with it, they're a despicable company
no sympathy for people who bought this shit, shows people have learned nothing about early access survival trash streamers who promoted it can fuck off too
Wouldn't put it past Wildcard if they paid those who promoted it. The company is absolute scum.
Streamers are legally required to state when they're promoted, no?
because its like having two totally different types of assets thrown in a 1700 pirate game. Like adding space ships and jets.
the 'mmo' market has no competition at the moment.
yeah, but that hasn't stopped big streamers in the past also on twitch im pretty sure there's some clause where it only has to be stated for the first x amount of time or something
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