• Atlas (ark dev's pirate game) goes offline after people spawned WW2 Vehicles
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They did, there were a couple of paid streamers after launch. Forsen wasn't one of them, which was hilarious since he was the only one bringing in actual numbers to the game on Twitch.
In the video of the plane crashing near the ship it is very clearly a US TBF Avenger (or similar) and as soon as it begins to explode it changes into a plane with Japanese markings. A+
I thought Steam didn't allow concept art to be used for games in their store? That is ALL THERE IS for Atlas. I joked that this was ARK 2, but I had no idea it was the same "developer"
It's ARK 1: reSKINNED.
Steam made that announcement and then every dev proceeded to ignore it since they knew steam wouldn't enforce it, and steam didn't enforce it.
Why the fuck are WW2 vehicles in a game about pirates? Are they supposed to be there? What the fuck I have so many questions
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