• Leslie Jones Slams New 'Ghostbusters' Film: "It's Like Something Trump Would Do"
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Oh shut up. Nobody who matters cares about the gender politics of the reboot. It was a shit ass unfunny movie and that is that. We just want a good movie.
Sorry your fake Ghostbusters movie wasn't good
Literally mad that the unsuccessful mess of a saturday night live sketch falsely claimed to be a movie is being ignored in favor of the older movies. I mean, sure, it sucks to put your time and effort into a film on such a legendary series and then basically have it all be for nothing, but it was still shit. And you still attacked critics by claiming they're all sexist, to the point of accusing it in that really badly typed Twitter post. Go fuck yourself.
"Im am a stand up comedian" You you should stay a stand up comedian.
Leslie, you’re a funny lady, just think about what you’re saying
Welp, that just proves once and for all that the 2016 one was nothing but an attempt to capitalize on identity politics and nothing more, if this is their reaction to a new film being a sequel to the originals rather than it. Seriously, stop giving the rest of us liberals a bad name. I hate Trump's guts, but hysterical behavior like this only adds fuel to the fires of the freaks who support him solely to piss off the left wing.
The person whose she's responding too apparently seems to be some sort of Ghostbusters Reboot fan? Assuming from their requests and their twitter banner. https://twitter.com/SarahBillsMafia/status/1086619042377580550 And her response (in which she says this) also doesn't make much sense. https://twitter.com/Lesdoggg/status/1086748467828019200 Who actually said any of this? In fact, did they ever say that there wouldn't be any female lead actors?
Wasn't the main cast supposed to be four teenagers of two boys and two girls? Or was that false info from a week or two ago?
No, making a film that hinges entirely on how you fall on the political spectrum and saying anyone who thinks your dumb premise of a movie is dumb is part of the opposition movement is something Donald Trump would do.
I worked a gig as a V1 for one of her recent stand up tours after GB2016, and surprisingly enough she was decent. A little more raunchy, which I think made it work.
On the other half this person went through a really ugly streak of harassment so perhaps people should be a little more forgiving? I guess what I'm saying is please don't harass this person because they said something online.
isn't she one of the only actors in it that's making such a big deal out of the movie
desperate for relevance
Pretty much all the other actors went quiet about the film when the reviews started coming in. Melissa McCarthy made one comment about it like a week after it came out but you could tell she didn't want to talk about it.
leslie jones was the best part of the new ghostbusters though everything else was shit
I get where she's coming from, but their movie was awful and Sony purposfully stirred up gender politics to prop it up.
"So insulting. Like fuck us. We dint count." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSOCuC2Ac3I
What I love about the controversy about GB3, is how hypocritical critics are. They gave people shit for saying the film is gonna be awful and not giving it a chance before it was even released. But here they are, saying it's gonna be shit and it's an awful disgusting move, doing what they said people shouldn't. Anyway Leslie god damnit you were like one of the two actors I actually liked in GB3, don't be a shit about it.
Ghostbusters 3 is the video game. I'm not even going to put 'Change my mind' because it's fact. The same talent was behind the game's writing and acting as the film's writing and acting.
I didn't hate the new Ghostbusters. It wasn't a memorable future classic, but I chuckled here and there. I'm not a hypercritic for movies. But really? This is stupid. You don't own the IP. If someone wants to make a new Ghostbusters, they have that right. For better or worse.
The game is so underrated fucking play it.
Where can I get it? It's not on Steam, gog, or the Xbox store...
Xbox One disc backwards compatibility
oh, it's been delisted? i bought it on steam, but it's gone now. anyway, if you've got xbox, you could probably grab a physical copy from gamestop or something.
Is it a cultural thing? Being this detached from reality and seeing boogeymen everywhere when life doesn't go your way? I feel like it's less pervasive outside of America.
https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/087/375/b82.jpg Too soon?
...Isn't what she's accusing the new movie of exactly what the 2016 film did, and everyone hates it for? That's some omega level projection holy fuck.
To be fair making the new movie a continuation to the originals is just as bad of an idea as the 2016 reboot
Have it keep to the tone of the originals, set it in modern day and have the events of the 80's happen. The teens are just there to get low wage pay/work experience (free labor) and they find themselves thrust into something big. You would even have an excuse to bring back the old protopacks and such because who would let the rookies handle anything new and modern when you got the old bulky packs from 30 odd years ago they can use. Chuck them on old mopeds and have them handle the ghosts under the bed. But obviously this really depends on how whoever is handling it does it, it could work but at the same time does it need to be made? not really.
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