• Leslie Jones Slams New 'Ghostbusters' Film: "It's Like Something Trump Would Do"
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Probably. but what will happen, is that it'll be received better and these hags will start attributing it to sexism. It's so fucking fucked that people constantly espousing "facts and science" don't have the presence of mind to understand that correlation doesn't mean causation. Their movie wasn't shit just because there were women in the main cast. It was shit because these women had a shit script, shit directing, shit presence and shit delivery. Yes, there were women as the main cast and yes, the film was cancer. Why is that observation suddenly treated as if there's any underlying substance to it? The fuck happened to make almost 2.5 generations of America this fucking under-educated and unprepared for life? I'm pissed as shit because this surface-level arguing has been going on since 9/11 and now it's almost undisputable that it's had an intellectually retardant/reductive effect on the people who were subjected to and mislead by it. So, while you're right that it's still a bad idea. I actually think it's still infinitely better than what came before it. I'm still fearful as SHIT of what the fuck is going on in America these past 20 years in terms of being willfully fucking misled or misleading while being all loud and proud about it. American popculture has become more stressful than it's worth. That whole outrage machine is just not good export to other countries at all. It's like a toddler condescending to its dad about how to play "properly" with LEGO.
So insulting. Like fuck us. We dint count. Considering how your film didn't even make its budget back domestically, I'm not sure what the fuck makes you think people wanna see more of it. I don't have shit with Ghostbusters. I saw bits and bops of the original like 20 years ago. I turned off the reboot not even an hour in because it was quickly shaping up to be one of the unfunniest films I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure half the script was just 'improv whatever the fuck while the director gets smashed in his trailer' because that's what it feels like. The concert scene was pretty funny but everything else was just a complete and utter vacuum of laughs.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOJu6V7lyFE Oh boy, another sequel no one asked for!
the dress and the lighting makes it look like she's a fallout new vegas character with a neck seam.
she acts like she has no idea that Ghostbusters was a movie before she did her trash reboot
OH, so they're making a GOOD new Ghostbusters movie? Thanks for lettin' me know, Leslie, I might actually watch this one. Now get your gender politics out of my silly paranormal action-comedies.
It's not fear, it's a cynical and calculated cry for attention.
It's fucking annoying. Could America, as a country please tone the intellectually deficient condescension down a fucking lot? It's cool that hollywood is now all "woke and shit". but the shit they're all woke about now, is shit Europe spent a lot of energy tackling 60-30 goddamn years ago! American culture can't be a good damn export if it's constantly having a fucking seizure over pronouns and skin-tones. It's also not ever going to lead to the same kind of progress we've had and still are working on overseas. What! do these people think we just established a ministry of gender-invetion in the 60's and that was it?
Critics didn't hate Ghostbusters '16 becuase they were sexist, they hated it becuase it was bad.
America was well on it's way to tolerance a few years ago, but someone hit the reset button.
Fuck you, you dont count
Ultimately what they're likely to do with this sequel is the same thing modern cinema has done with Jurassic Park and Star Wars. It'll probably play it very safe, likely echoing the beats of the OG movie with some new stuff that is lower quality but overall the film will largely be 'Okay' and make enough money through box office and merchandising to warrant another sequel. They haven't fixed the problem that I had with the 2016 movie which was 'we don't need another one of these'
i'm sorry but you came into a movie franchise trying to change it and didn't work out and was a flop, so fuck off, it's better if everyone forgets you and your movie were a thing
ofc it's the worst of the four actresses that's complaining, I think it's pretty transparent that this is more about "my one shot at franchise money is gone" rather than some message. The other three don't care because they have a career outside of being the center of the most painful SNL bits.
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