• The Polar Vortex is Collapsing Again
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The Polar Vortex Is Collapsing — Here's What That Means for Your.. https://img.purch.com/h/1400/aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZW5jZS5jb20vaW1hZ2VzL2kvMDAwLzEwMy83ODMvb3JpZ2luYWwvcG9sYXItdm9ydGV4LTEuanBn The blast of Arctic weather headed for the United States this weekend could be a first sign of still worse things to come this winter, with signs that a circular low-pressure system of swirling winds that normally keeps frigid air locked up at the North Pole has been disrupted and split into smaller parts. The disruption in this counterclockwise-spinning beast, called the polar vortex, is thought to be caused in part by a warm summer over the Arctic and a relatively cold fall over Siberia. The result for the United States and northern Europe? A severe winter lasting throughout February and possibly into March. Meteorologist Judah Cohen agreed that the breaking up of the polar vortex could be the culprit for the coming storm. Cohen, the director of seasonal forecasting for the weather risk management company Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), based in Lexington, Massachusetts, told Live Science that the coming snowstorms in the United States this weekend are consistent with weather models that predicted severe wintry weather to come in the coming weeks. Well that explains why by nostrils are freezing from the inside. Judah Cohen says its probably due in part to the decreasing amount of ice.
goddamnit climate change, I wanted less cold!
Watch how this fuels the argument against it.
funny how people are still unable to comprehend the difference between global and local
One of the few times living in Florida is actually a good thing.
Ya florida never gets hit by any of these giant swirling storms.
https://s.hdnux.com/photos/76/17/27/16315870/3/920x920.jpg The sad thing about florida though is homes weirdly seem to vanish out of thin air I really don't know how scientists can't explain it but I guess we just aren't technologically advanced enough yet
last year winter lasted until the beginning of may, when it proceeded to jump from the 20's up to the 80's seemingly overnight and stayed there until fucking october. We did not have a spring or fall this year because it's been too fucking hot or too fucking cold.
Been seeing a lot about the coming freeze for some time on meteorology Twitter.
Heh, cold.
Montreal even canceled the snow festival because of the extreme weather.
Life is suffering in North Dakota.
It's -30 in here, just so you know.
I've visited ND for maybe a week in total and can confirm/sympathize
I like cold. I like this. I hate climate change though.
I do too; I will not like when another scorching hot Summer just appears out of nowhere after maybe 2 days of Spring and remains until November again.
Last year's collapse dropped temps in my mid-Finland city to between -27 to -30 celsius at their coldest, looks like it's gonna happen again. It's going to make starting my car annoying.
Oh god are the iguanas going to fall out of the trees again??? ITS GONNA BE A SECOND CHRISTMAS
Hm, looks like it's missing the northwest again at least.
Funny thing is this is exactly what the Denialist would post, not realizing the bigger meaning of the meme, which is sorta their forte.
Baby its cold outside
Meanwhile, in the pacific northwest, it's been dry and relatively warm all winter. Week before last I was outside most of the day in a tshirt
It's snowpocalypse outside today in Montréal but I still had to open the store even though I'm betting we'll have like 10 customers at most all day.
whereabouts? currently suffering -40 (again) in lovely Manitoba 😩
Apparently this storm will pale in comparison to the one coming on the 28th if the projections are correct.
As someone else who has been through retail I understand this suffering, conditions that would cause the military to call off an operation aern't enough of an excuse for most shop managers. I hoenstly believe that instead of mandatory military service every nation should have mandatory retail service, two years working a shop grunt dealing with the general public and store managers, that'll teach the world some humility.
I don't mind too much but management sent an email saying "oh hey this is the perfect time to catch up on stocking the shelves, people!" and yeah no fuck you I'm taking it easy today. I'm alone today so I'm not sure why they think I'm gonna break a sweat for minimum wage.
Montreal might as well be Helheim at this point.
-20 tuesday...great.
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