• The Polar Vortex is Collapsing Again
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Michigan had a fucking awful season last year. 95 in god damn may on memorial day plus about right million percent humidity and endless skeeters. Our bullshit ass ac is extremely undersized so it'd be 80+ inside and don't even get me started on trying to use the oven as that made it worse for hours on end
So far winter has been suprisingly warm, i was outside with a t-shirt on christmas eve Also: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/110884/3ec0e407-ffdf-4ba8-b5c3-916c22df2155/5dfyCDn.jpg
I was just about to post that. Trump is such a dumb fucking bag of rocks.
So for reference, from what all the old people around here tell me, Winter here used to mean snow in September and it'd stay in town to some degree until about mid-late March. On the mountain nearby it'd have snow until about May and even in the hot AF summer the snow would exist in isolated shade pockets well until August. Now it's January and I went to take my dog out in a T-shirt and no shoes. We've really fucked shit up this time.
Reading about this kind of makes me miss living in alaska, possibly the coolest place i ever lived it was so easy to achieve a quiet place to relax vs being in the city (excluding anchorage but even so the wild is literally right at your door still)
Can we convince him to drink mercury to become immortal I'm tired of him breathing
am I reading that right? southeastern US will get sub -20F by the end of January?
It says temperature anomaly so it may just mean it is 20 (or more) degrees colder than normal.
Farenheit or Celsius?
Celsius, obviously.
Southern Ohio here. Went out earlier to clean off my car, shovel the walkway a bit and lay some salt. Took maybe 15-20min, don't have a good pair of gloves, came back in and my fingers felt like sausage casings trying to explode. Supposedly that's close to frostbite. Tomorrow morning is going to fucking suck, supposed to drop another like 15 degrees.
The replies to this are great. https://twitter.com/JimMFelton/status/1086980370992640001
I'd really like some of this to come out to Nevada.
Wasn't a vortex collapse what caused Winterstorm Goliath? Fuck, not again.
-30 is actually relatively close to the same in F/°C. -40°C being exactly -40F Although as Fahrenheit is such an amazing unit system, 10F warmer does not equal to 10°C warmer. -30F being -34°C, -30°C would be -22F
We're getting like half as much rain as normal, if that, in the Willamette Valley. Normally if it's not late May through mid September we're getting rain like 25/8. Instead it was dry with the occasional shower until like freaking November and even then it still wasn't typical rain. Lately we've been getting rain in my area about 1-2 of every three days but it's fairly light rain. And while this area tends to be temperate anyways it was more like 9 months of summer and then a few months of sort of the rainy season. It's totally fucked. And apparently even the weather we had when I was a kid (usually just rain with maybe a week of light snow) was nothing like when my grandfather was a kid where the area would get decent snow every single year.
While the rest of eastern canada got pummeled with snow and freezing temperatures, we received nothing but rain and its currently +9C here in nova scotia
Friendly reminder that a cold front in Flordia was part of what destroyed one of our space shuttles: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Shuttle_Challenger_disaster
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