• Mexico fuel pipeline blast kills 73, witnesses describe horror
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https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mexico-fuel-theft-blast/mexico-fuel-pipeline-blast-kills-73-witnesses-describe-horror-idUSKCN1PD033 nsfl video of the incident
jesus christ that video people fleeing with their heads on fire
Jesus christ, that fucking video. Going up to a busted pipeline is beyond fucking stupid, but I understand the desperation. Regardless though, no one deserves to have that happen to them.
horribly fucked up but why the fuck they gotta steal fuel for on a burst pipeline? That was just an impending disaster, one dumb person to cause a spark and everyone is dead. Do people not see the danger in siphoning off fuel from a scenario like this?
It's dangerous as hell, but when it's worth so much people are willing to take risks. It really seems like they need tighter security and more rapid response around these pipelines. A rupture like that ought to be shut down or at least quarantined immediately.
Article seems to suggest it was a festive attitude and they didnt clear the scene very quickly. Seems very laid back and not so desparate, just willfully unaware of the real danger they were facing.
Jesus fuck brutal
I'm sorry but don't tell me they were just desperate. This is pure stupidity. Not to say it isn't tragic but come the fuck on it's a burst fuel pipeline.
25 soldiers can only do so much against a crowd of 600-800 people in a two hour window (between the first report of the leak and the explosion).
Oh christ, just the beginning of that video made me horribly uncomfortable.
Lopez Obrador said the army had been right to avoid a confrontation due to the large number of people seeking to make off with a trove of free fuel - a few liters of which are worth more than the daily minimum wage in Mexico. Considering that fuel theft from pipelines is such a big issue in Mexico it's safe to say that many others have done the same before without dying. Those people certainly weren't expecting a huge explosion when they went up to the pipeline to collect the leaking fuel.
Do these pipelines not have controls to be able to turn them off quickly in events like this??
This is absolutely horrible. I can't help but think some of these people would have gotten off better if, after they cleared the initial fireball, they did the whole stop drop and roll. People in the video were running on fire while they were far past the site of the explosion. In any case, this is a disaster.
They have and they did. As soon as a drop in pressure was detected the nearest valve was shut off, but that means that still a couple thousand barrels worth of oil remained in that section.
Don't try to steal fuel and you don't have to worry about things like that happening.
Alright my dudes I feel there's a bit of misinformation going around so I'm going to use my post to provide as much information as possible. (Quotes taken from a thread on reddit about this incident. Why are they doing this? "The practice of stealing fuel from the ducts is known as huachicol in mexico. It has caused yearly losses of around $3000 million USD. The huachicoleros often have been found reselling the fuel to gas stations with some gas stations having only gas supplied through huachicol. Each administration has faced the same issue. The new president, Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador decided to take action against the practice and started by closing all ducts for repairs. This almost instantly caused problems in several states as fuel shortages became commonplace. Gas stations were either closed or rationing fuel, with people often standing in line for hours to only be able to get 20 liters of fuel. People would often stand in lines with containers just to be able to get a little bit of fuel. Whenever a duct was repaired and reopened it was almost immediately punctured which ended with the duct getting closed again. Some measures were taken like distributing fuel using trucks, which worked in some cases but wasn't enough to meet the demand for fuel. Some people started stealing trucks. The president then said the army would be in charge of the fuel distribution. While this was happening, and due to the shortage, people in Hidalgo, the state where the explosion happened were reportedly concerned about of losing jobs as a consequence. The food supply chain was also affected by the shortages, with nearly 90 million tons of food at risk of expiring. Prices of perishable foods also increased because of the shortages In one of his press conferences, the president said that each time a duct gets punctured it will be closed again, saying: (...)a ver quien se cansa primero let's see who gets tired first It's hard to tell if the people were stealing out of necessity or if it was another instance of people being shitty The amount of things that are wrong about those videos recorded before the explosion is incredible. Not only because of the obvious risks of doing what they were doing, but also because entire families were there. Little kids dragged into the situation died instantly and many suffered terrible burns. Many others are alive but can't find their parents. Hopefully it was a day of many lessons learned edit: Another video explaining the practice and why a high percentage of the incidents of huachicol happen in a certain region of the country (in spanish, but you can activate the auto-translation)" Why don't they just stop drop and roll? In the video that's exactly what the responders are yelling at the people who are on fire but of course they are screaming and panicking. Also: "In the people running defense, in their mind they are running terrified from a fireball they just were engulfed in and still feel the heat of. If their nerves are burned they may literally not know they are on fire and still believe they are running out of the fireball unaware they are the fireball" Additional Reading Gas Stations in Mexico run out of gas as government cracks down on fuel theft - Washington Post 1/9/2019 Mexico's Drug Cartels are moving into the gasoline industry - The Rolling Stones 9/6/2018 My Stance I personally don't agree with the practice considering it's people being shitheads but I feel like it's going to be a snowball effect of Cartel steals gas to sell to gas stations for a lower price Government cracks down on gas stations and the cartel engaging in the practice. Normal people are derived of gasoline because of the actions taken to crack down on this Normal people take part in the act Government cracks down more and so on and so forth.
Now who is the one who rated that post funny? What a terrible situation for Mexico, and what a tragedy.
given that those 74 are covered in basically napalm its probably safe to say that number is going to climb over the next few weeks
They shouldn't have been anywhere near this pipeline. "desperate" doesn't excuse something as dangerous as this. There are always better ways.
that spray was basically an atomizer. You could have an explosion in a garage from leaving a gas can open for a while, that gas evaporating as vapor into the air, and then starting the car, as the late combustion in the exhaust pipes would be enough to set off the vapor. Fuel tankers have "static tails" that ground the truck's frame to the earth, because you can build up a dangerous amount of static merely from pumping the fuel through the rubber hoses. I hate to be mister "it's their own damn fault", but this is seriously analagous to being pretty hungry, seeing a steak dinner on top of a land mine and going "oh boy, food!", and being suprised when you touching the food set off the land mine. The correct response in a situation like this is to run the fuck away, because the air itself is now an explosive, not to go "oh boy, the gettin's good"
Why the fuck are you blaming the army? These people caused their own deaths by walking into the blast radius, something that’s a big no-no ESPECIALLY when they more than likely saw the fucking pipeline rupture.
Mexican here. Yes, you're right, the army is not to blame. They were trying to approach some time earlier and locals didn't allow them to do so. People in this part of the country are known for looting and they're hostile to any authority who dares to stop them. "There was too many of them" said a soldier. Source is in Spanish but will translate it later. https://elpais.com/internacional/2019/01/19/mexico/1547926459_979844.html They arrived to secure the area but locals surpassed them in numbers and threatened them. It's unfortunate this even had happened, but don't feel sorry for these deaths. These people were aided by a group called "Huachicoleros", criminal organizations devoted to steal gas from pipelines. It's common in the south of Mexico for locals to do stuff like this. I work for a mexican corporation whose product used to be distributed in these areas (Coca Cola, to be more specific), the company had to basically shutdown operation there since locals were ambushing and stealing from trucks. Most of these people didn't even bring their cars, they were there to steal the gas and re-sell it. The practice involves mixing the gas with other stuff (water, even) to create "Huachicol" (hence, the name of these organizations), mixed gas sold in large liters in clandestine ways. And yes, gas is expensive in Mexico and also at low quality. The "Premium" gas in Mexico is your medium quality one, and Premium is very expensive. The lack of fuel is a different issue entirely. Gas was expensive, but there was no shortage of it. The shortage began recently when gas stations began being forced to close down if they couldn't prove where their gas came from. Legally it should come from a pipeline or PEMEX. But some gas stations bought mixed gad and re-sold it. Paying way less and selling it way higher. Those are being shutdown.
Not sure if you already knew or not, but just in case I wanted to let you know I was halfway joking with that post by paraphrasing an epically bad post by Wickedplayer In all seriousness though, I’m not sure what people were expecting the army to do in this situation when they are heavily outnumbered by people covered in gas who were also right next to a HUGE hazard which could spontaneously combust at any moment. Just making physical contact with anyone could have set the whole thing off due to static electricity. It’s really unfortunate what happened here, but I really don’t think anyone in the area was equipped to handle this situation where a few hundred people decided to play around in what is essentially an FAE bomb waiting to go off. The only thing I could think of which could safely drive people away from the area would be LRADs (aka sound cannons) which I highly doubt were on hand for this specific circumstance.
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