• [AU] Adani "cleared" of wrong doing by Federal government
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https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-17/adani-cleared-of-wrong-doing-by-federal-government-over-bores/10724086 Adani cleared of wrong doing by Federal Government over bores but Qld investigation continues Their federal counterparts cleared Adani of breaching commonwealth laws in October after visiting the site once the previous month and requesting further information from the miner. They accepted the miner drilled bores to survey groundwater. Queensland's EDO and a university groundwater expert argued the bores construction, materials and depth are consistent with dewatering bore standards but incompatible with groundwater monitoring. Environmental lawyers claim that is at odds with the design specifications of the bores, which have since been registered with the label "DWB", a common acronym for dewatering bores. A spokesman for the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) said the Government was aware of the Commonwealth findings. "DES is undertaking a more comprehensive investigation under separate state legislation, and has made several information requests to Adani, and has also carried out site inspections," he said. Great to see the Federal government rolling over for Adani again.
Man fuck all the foreign countries destroying australia for profit and fuck the government for allowing it.
Fuck off Adani
jerbs its all about those jerbs, gotta give everyone a jerb, not a well paying jerb just a jerb.
At least you have a situation where it's known that they're stealing resources, unlike here where the government unironically sold a perfectly fine steel mill (with some debt ok) for 1$ and basically is hell bent on allowing foreigners to launder money here AND to steal our natural wealth
Actually the jobs going at Adani pay a lot of money. Tonnes of jobs over $100k/year. But I do not agree with the mine.
Only the emus can save Australia.
Cassowary in a coal mine
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