• AI Could Soon Bribe Virginians to Change Their Commute
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https://wtop.com/dc-transit/2019/01/would-you-change-your-commute-for-cash/ Would you change your commute for cash? https://wtop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/66_nutley_wb_ddi-1-780x520.jpg WASHINGTON — Imagine waking up to a text offering you cash in exchange for changes to your usual commute. It could be reality soon enough, thanks to a plan in the works for a wide-ranging Northern Virginia transportation database that would be analyzed in real-time using artificial intelligence. The $15 million stage of Northern Virginia Regional Multi-Modal Mobility Program is one of 13 projects recommended for state transportation innovation funding. It would include better collection and dissemination of commuter parking availability, a concerted effort to identify and fill gaps in transportation services, data tools to predict problems before they happen and provide solutions by encouraging people to carpool, take transit or detour to a different route or parking lot to alleviate congestion. A total of $7.5 million would go toward developing an artificial intelligence system focused on improving transportation management, as well as a related tool meant to provide people with incentives to change their travel patterns and avoid significant delays. “We’re also talking about creating a predictive engine, so we’ll look at historic trends combined with current information on crashes and weather, potentially special events that are occurring in the area, and predict what we believe will happen in the near future,” said Cathy McGhee, Virginia’s head of transportation innovation. Travelers who sign up would provide information to the state about their normal routes and times of travel. “When something particularly bad is happening on their chosen route, we will attempt to incentivize them to change their time of travel, their mode, or their route to help us bring down the level of congestion on whatever their normal route might be,” McGhee said https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/132997/c9fb0c3d-58c3-4b2a-b1ae-014a2a94b46a/tinfoil.gif
AI fearmongering aside, sounds good.
I guess it depends on how much cash. And how much extra time the alternate route would take. Having to go through my morning routine faster just to get where I'm going on time has no appeal for me without adequate compensation, and a few extra cents won't cut it.
i'd do it, tho im lucky enough to be able to show up for work whenever as long as i get my 8 hours in
Sounds like a pretty good way to alleviate traffic issues. I'm on board.
I thought this was going to be some nefarious shit to redirect you onto roads with more billboards or something like that because that's the Black Mirror timeline we're headed towards, but if it's to reduce traffic congestion and make the streets safer then fuckin sign me up
Yeah, ominous headline aside, this actually sounds like a great idea. Almost reminds me of the "cash for clunkers" program: "Hey, we'll offer you some cash if you help us with this new initiative."
I'd rather a note for my HR to inform them as to why I'm 1 minute late and how that should not constitute a gross violation of the very vague and conflicting rules of attendance.
I fucking despise the fact that people will just wait in traffic instead of talking alternative routes. Roads are not a straight shot. They are branching and complex, so use them. Your phone will not let you get lost.
Read as 'AI Could Soon Bribe Virgins...', and I was wondering what Facepunch users would be bribed to do.
In the DC area if you're going from northern Virginia into the city, you've got a handful of main roads to take, and they're all busy at rush hour. We're expanding the metro out to the suburbs though
Seems smart and in the future I could imagine that cash incentives would be less needed if people learned that taking a route which might on paper be shorter, take longer due to congestion. They'd begin to just rely on the suggested routes to be better. I hope auto-pilot driving takes this stuff into account.
Build efficient tram lines and public transport to cover the basic commute routes and the traffic will not be such a major issue.
You overestimate people's ability to follow directions, and underestimate their ability to somehow not care. I know about 3 good friends, who even with Google maps on the head unit, voice guidance aloud, still can't effectively use GPS. I have to literally tell them when to change lanes and drive from the passenger seat. You might wonder why I don't just drive. One is my boss, the others I usually do.
This doesn't help at all. In fact; a recent paper released last year showed that Algorithmic GPS directions exasperate traffic instead of make it better because it constantly pushes people off of highways which are designed for traffic jams into side roads and non-arterial roads not designed for the traffic congestion which leads to A. A brand new traffic jam and B. Important roads used by service vehicles being blocked up. The paper found that if only 10 to 15% of drivers us things like Google Navigate and etc. You get 3 to 4 additional traffic jams.
I think the important question is, can I then apply this AI to my cities in cities skylines to make my roads not shit?
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