• Microsoft to Windows Phone users: "Just use iOS or Android lmao"
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https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/01/microsoft-windows-10-mobile-support-to-end-so-use-android-or-ios-instead F
My note 9 can do virtually anything a desktop or laptop needs to do, obviously scaled down. it wouldn't replace either of those things, however what could a windows phone achieve that android can't already do?
What happens with lack of marketing or cross computability. Also lots of neglect. Shame, the UI is still really good for mobile devices.
Just use Windows 10 lmao https://youtu.be/-FzmpOr4HN8
Sometime you gotta know when to throw in the towel.
Doing it 8 years after WP7s abject commercial failure is just doing it with style ofc It's too bad cause what I saw with WP7 and 8 was really responsive and usable bargain bin phones for the everyman. Except the gargantuan presence of Android+iOS, plus Microsoft's combined ignorance and hubris killed any chances it had.
Microsoft splitting up the user base two times kinda ruined things. WP8 should’ve been the starting point, and all phones should’ve been transitioned to Win 10 (though I think MS had already kinda given up on that point, they just didn’t realise it yet). MS also (obviously) shouldn’t have been charging money for the license - many people will say Android had already won back in 2011, but to be honest, I think WP could’ve had a fair shot if it wasn’t gimped like that from the outset.
Windows phones were my first smartphone. Starting with the Lumia 900 (WP7) , then a 925 (WP8) then an 830 (WP8 which I upgraded to 10) the 830. I've had that last one up until a year ago when I got a OnePlus 5t. And I have to say, even though I really liked the look and feel of Windows Phone, especially with how you could do the parallax background tiles in WP10, switching to android really felt like I was set free. I could tinker a lot more _on the phone itself_ a lot more than WP ever allowed. I believe if WP was a lot more "hackable", as in tinker-able, it could have well received. I was really frustrated when they removed some very unique features as well like having a single messaging app for Facebook messages, skype, and texts. That's another big shame. The entire thing had lots of potential... Oh well, I'm enjoying android with a bunch of custom termux scripts now. Just converted some mkvs to mp4 using ffmpeg the other day.
if any of you migrate from windows mobile to android there is a launcher called Launcher 10 that gives it the tiles windows has
Been rocking it for the last few months, its pretty much 1:1 on the UI.
Microsoft's requirements for OEMs were also incredibly retarded. They laid out a shitton of restrictions and standardization requirements to prevent the WP ecosystem from becoming fragmented into a billion form factors and resolutions/aspect ratios like Android did, but the result was basically that every manufacturer had nearly zero room to innovate and set their own device apart from the rest. It was like they wanted to sell iPhones, with the UI and general hardware features consistent across multiple devices, but convince other device manufacturers to build them for Microsoft instead of MS doing it in-house the way, you know, Apple does. And then there's also the part where they bought Nokia to make WP phones so now other manufacturers had even less reason to compete against the designated "in-house" brand. They tried to recreate the Apple model of a consistent brand and quality standard while maintaining the manufacturer-diverse PC ecosystem model for the actual production. There's a reason Apple doesn't contract six different OEMs to competitively produce iMacs and Macbooks, no manufacturer wants to play in such a whipped and constricted system. The Android ecosystem is fragmented to all hell and back precisely because it isn't strangled by incredibly restrictive specifications and required standards, and that's why Android adoption barely flinched when WP7/8 hit the scene.
I'm sure this will be very useful to the 3 people who still actually give a shit about WP instead of jumping ship years ago when it was sinking.
shame i used a Lumia 920 for literally years and the phone never gave me any issue. only thing i actively hated about it was the fact that it had basically fucking zero app support and everything you wanted, you had to resort to suspicious off-brand versions. the phone itself was solidly built and and the camera is still great, OS isn't that bad at all (but fuck you if you wanna customize it), but shit man, needs apps.
I wouldn't say it was lack of marketing. It was just a really shitty series of phones.
to be fair though, this wouldn't be for phones, more tablets/cheap laptops. Surface RT comes to mind
How does it feel to be so wrong.
They were ugly, unpractical and served no real purpose, had no real support by anyone, subpar performance compared to priced alternatives and the only benefit was "it runs on windows!"
Au contraire, they were often praised for different but beautiful design, a beautiful and mostly well thought-out UI, and they made amazing entry level phones. I used a mid-range one up until the summer, and the switch to (granted, an older model) iPhone was less of a heavenly revelation and more of a "okay now the internet is faster". Definitely not for everyone, but to call them "shit" is just myopic.
I did say "shitty", not "shit". It had the properties of being shit, without being fully surrounded by it. The UI was fine (I like Metro anyway), so I won't critique that.
The significance of that difference kinda escapes me, since I doubt "shitty" suddenly started meaning "decent".
It's an added touch of indifference. ie; "This food is shit." "This food is shitty." The property is there, but it's more like an "average". "Shitty" is a summary with all positives and negatives taken into account, where as "shit" leaves the assumption of no positives whatsoever. But I digress
This is what i wanted it to be Basically w10 but small
The Lumia 735 I was using before I swapped wiped the fucking floor of anything else I had before that and for a fraction of the price. And it still runs as quick as it did back when I got it 4 years ago, while Android I can not say will be able to do that as well, especially the builds that were released around the same time I got that phone. Ugly? Personal preference I like square'd off phones with actual bezels, fuck this rounded notch bullshit its cancer. Unpractical? You've never used one I can bet if you're using that as an excuse, they're great as a phone and the UI is so much more intuitive than the iOS and Android ones. No purpose? Its a fucking phone, I used it as a phone. wow amazing right? And subpar performance? You might want to go back and check the hardware those phones came with back when they were released because there was a big varied display of them and they were very capable of giving other phones a run for their money. Its just people like you never gave the alternative OS a chance and instead bash on it, it was great but it was neglected hard by its maker, that is the purely only issue with WP.
It was neglected most device manufacturers, most app developers, and the overwhelming majority users. Microsoft didn't neglect it so much as be absolutely retarded about handling the platform and evolving the OS. WP7 came out so late it failed to gain critical momentum which in turn warned app developers away from "wasting time" on a stunted, going-nowhere platform. The death spiral began virtually at launch, it just took time to build up speed. WP7/8 is basically the answer to the question "What if we organized a club and literally nobody showed up to meetings?" Though dishonourable mention goes to Google for fucking with WP7 by gating access to YouTube. Microsoft invited Google to make a YouTube app for WP7, Google said fine they would. Then they didn't for months and months, while WP users were clamouring for a native YouTube app as was available on Android and iPhone. So Microsoft made their own app that ran better than Google's own YouTube app on Google's flagship phone of the time -- and it could download YouTube videos. This was a mistake, because YT's API forbids allowing users to download videos since it's just aching for piracy-related abuse. Google revoked Microsoft's WP7 YT app's API key and basically banned it from the API, with the strong implication that Microsoft is not allowed to just go ahead and make another app as if nothing happened. Some tech pundits theorized Microsoft did this on purpose to call attention to Google's unfair treatment, with headlines like (paraphrased, not a real headline quote) "Google Bans All Windows Phone 7 Devices from YouTube" putting them in a sympathetic light even if the "real" story is "Microsoft violates YouTube TOS, gets app API-banned". As far as I'm aware, Google never made a YouTube app, and eventually Microsoft just told its userbase to use the built-in web browser to browse YT, which to Google's "credit" was never blocked from working.
i advise you to do some research
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