• Disney Has Already Lost $1 Billion on Streaming Behind Hulu, BAMTech Investments
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I want it to lose more, and want more netflix deals. Thanks.
Disney's been doing nothing but bleeding money on their expansion attempts, aside from Marvel. And even that's had multiple series cancelled to cut their costs.
Wow I didn't know Hulu was losing money like that. I figured they were in a nice spot to compete with Netflix since they have next-day episodes of current shows and Netflix doesn't.
Their licensing costs are very high and they are completely incompetent at negotiating for them, combined with a lack of good original content which Netflix has taken the ball and run with. Also while Hulu gets plenty of new stuff, the service itself tends to be an unpleasant shitshow and that doesn't invite popularity.
I wonder if SW is breaking even, profiting, or just bleeding them out.
They'll make it back.
I'm hoping that all of these services bleed out and die to stop a situation where we have several dozen streaming platforms and it's just channels all over again, but I get the impression that they're all going to go down kicking and screaming trying to grasp Netflix's golden goose.
Merchandising has been literally pure profit.
So what, that's like three dollars for normal folk?
Is Hulu available outside of US? Because from what I recall it isn't. Having a marginally smaller market than Netflix surely doesn't help them.
the whole point of Hulu was that they'd get all these licenses for cheap from all these companies since they were jointly owned by the 4-5 largest networks but that never played out like that, now Disney is going to own 90% of hulu eventually. I still don't know why they don't rebrand hulu instead because lord knows the US market could use another streaming service.
Didn't Lucas keep all merchandising rights as part of the deal though?
I think Netflix really got ahead when they started investing heavily into Netflix originals in the last couple of years. They have such a wide range of high quality exclusively bought or self funded content now and a lot of these series also don't need to adhere to standard TV limitations when being created with regards to things like nudity, gore, runtime etc, and I think a lot of more interesting stuff has come out as a result because there's also less pressure on these series of 'do something that will get us high TV viewership from the average joe or you get canned' The amount of social media buzz and critical acclaim surrounding a lot of Netflix originals is probably a major factor on why for most people it's a no brainer to sub there over any other streaming service unless you REALLY want something specific to their service.
That's what I was thinking. That's where most of Star Wars money came from anyway.
Nope, and their cut is 10-12%, instead the usual 7-8% they broke even the first year, and have been profitable ever since.
From what I heard, they have not recouped the investment yet. SW merchandise is not selling. There is no way they have broken even at this point.
Lol, your theorycraft is just that. Instead of shit you heard from your nintenduncle maybe you should read some financial earning reports. Even if they didn't make a dime off of merchandising they've made 5 billion black as of October of this year in film revenue alone without any other source.
How about you post those financial earning reports since you made the first claim and thus the burden of proof is on you instead of just brushing off an unsubstantiated claim with another one.
It's pretty well known TFA worldwide gross alone makes half of the 4 billion they paid to acquire lucasfilm you add up the entirety of the money from the movies you get $4,849,745,593 you add up the budgets with the high end (not net, if estimated highest number) for the movies and subtract that with 4 million you leave 288,254,407 before it's totally even Disney's Consumer Products and Interactive Media reported operating income of $373,000,000 in 2017. The mark for Star Wars/Lucasfilm making back it's $4 billion price was passed a long time ago, and it had it's own articles and buzz. https://www.businessinsider.com/star-wars-box-office-disney-4-billion-lucasfilm-purchase-2017-12 Six years after buying Lucasfilm, Disney has recouped its invest.. https://qz.com/1169393/disneys-star-wars-films-have-earned-more-than-lucasfim-was-bought-for/ https://uproxx.com/movies/disney-turned-profit-on-star-wars-six-years/ Disney is absolutely in the black on Star Wars.
I did read financial reports actually. https://www.forbes.com/sites/csylt/2018/06/04/disney-recoups-a-quarter-of-star-wars-purchase-price/#1576b408481d This is the most realistic estimate I have seen so far and even then I doubt it's entirely accurate, Disney is probably below a quarter. The information I read said that Disney earned 5 billion from it's media, not just movies. And does that 5 billion cover the costs of production, distribution, studio fees and all the other crap or no? Because that detail is extremely fucking important. Bloomberg Some stuff about the merchandise. It's old but I could not find newer articles discussing this issue. Though you do not really need to read this, just watch all the videos and pictures of store shelves filled with discounted SW merchandise that is not selling. http://www.jeditemplearchives.com/2019-01-14-disneys-2018-annual-report-sees-star-wars-in-decline/ Linked this mostly for the charts. I find it interesting that the decline begins in 2016, after TFA came out. Solo is not mentioned apparently, but we know for a fact that failed. And mate, it's extremely disingenuous to act all high and mighty and deride my unsubstantiated claims as theorycrafting when your own claims are unsubstantiated. It also makes you look a douchebag.
I went to see what I could get on DC Universe for their 8 dollars a month subscription. Only thing of theirs I want to watch that I haven't already bought on Amazon is Young Justice Season 3. They have comics though, so as a litmus test I decided to go check the 3 biggest comics of DC that I want to read. They don't have All Star Superman. They don't have The Dark Knight Returns. And they don't have The Watchmen. All these streaming services are doomed to fail if they half ass their shit like this.
I didn't know their service came with comics, but I did think it was weird that they release their episodes piecemeal like a channel when most services usually drop it all at once, only time I've seen one not is with Castle Rock on hulu, and hulu already had plenty of other things to watch, when I noticed this it was like what, Titans and pretty much nothing else?
If they released them all at once, you could get a 7 day trial, binge all of Young Justice Season 3 (the only thing on the service worth watching that's not available anywhere else), then cancel the service.
I guess, but then what happens when I pay it and there's like a single active day of content available until there's another hour of content the next week it works for TV but for streaming it seems really small and not worth it vs these other guys. I also think it was momentously stupid of WB to not just make a WB streaming service, instead going for DC specifically. Their DC projects are almost always trash save for a few animated ones, but that's not the only reason I think it was silly to focus exclusively on that property
I don't know much about comics aside from the big classics everyone talks about, and those were the ones that were missing.
I didn't claim anything, I reported what is fact as of almost six months ago, the person making the claim is that 'SW merchandise isn't selling' isn't me either nor would it be via Entertainment and Licensing $84.8 M $58.4 M +45% M Despite getting shithammered by losing their second largest toy vendor in NA, EU and greater Asia all at once and thus losing a quarter of their business, licensed stuff, of which Star Wars is still the largest contributor is up 50%, and that just covers toys from this SKU, and ignores the 11ty billion other disney licensees. I also didn't link speculative articles from a year ago as factual evidence 'I heard about'.
I said post sources, you instead reference previous threads that you, again, should be linking as this your claim.
I doubt star wars merchandise made a miraculous comeback during the year that star wars as a whole lost a lot of popularity. Bloomberg https://seekingalpha.com/article/4189248-worries-star-wars-goes-beyond-movies Here's two newer ones just to address the age of the other article. Also complaining that I provided no evidence and then decrying the articles I post as speculative while failing to provide any evidence of your own is highly disingenuous. I am willing to read through whatever evidence you have to show. I do not have anything against you, but you seem to be taking this a bit personally.
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