• Rogue One Writer Lambastes EA for Catastrophically Mismanaging Star Wars License
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Pot meet kettle.
Rouge One may not have been a masterpiece but it wasn't a disaster.
But Rogue One I thought was actually really good?
The Force Awakens and Rouge One were Disney putting their feelers out with making safe bets that people would certainly see and be hyped for. To be frank though, it could be "Jim the Smell Hobo says EA mismanaged the exclusive Star Wars IP" and it would still be completely true.
When did Rogue One become so reviled, I thought it was great especially compared to the ham fisted retconning and call backs in Solo
Gods there is so much that could and has been done with the star wars mythos for games, and it's given to the hands of rich isolated publishers. It's a symptom of the greater ill of the isolation of rights holding in general. Imagine if all of the stories made prior to the 19th century had such a binding web of bottlenecks. We'd have not even a hundredth of the modern stories and a drip feed of retreading. It's all such a bane to the possibilities of brilliant works.
i don't give a fuck about star wars so take my opinion however you want but having seen all of them rogue one is probably my favourite of all of them. easily the best since the original trilogy if those are your thing.
I really disliked Rogue one but it went down way the hell better than EA's crap. It was a success, and I can't pretend it isn't just because I might dislike it.
I know people are going to see "Rogue One writer" and instantly dismiss anything he has to say but he's absolutely right and it's nice to see someone with some level of responsibility stand up and say it. EA's Star Wars Video Games web page is a fucking tragedy. You have both Battlefront games, the former painfully mediocre and the latter so riddled with corporate malfeasance that it triggered an industry wide revolt. Then you have SWTOR, an MMO that has been on life support for the past several years. And a cell phone game. They have had this license for 6 years and they are 0:3 on their AAA releases. He also brings up a good point about the canceled singleplayer game. He also blasted the company for cancelling Amy Hennig’s Star Wars project (codenamed ragtag), which he thinks would have turned out fantastic with one of the best writers in the industry at the helm. Whitta also revealed that he saw ragtag around the time it was cancelled and although it was “far from finished,” it looked “terrific” and “amazing.” “It basically would have been Star Wars Uncharted, which I was very excited about,” he added. “My understanding is what they [EA] were saying all the way through is that we don’t want to make Star Wars Uncharted. Well, maybe don’t hire the narrative director of the Uncharted games to make it for you, and figure out what it is you actually want.”
This is absolutely true. Rogue One was the best of the Disney Era films. Aside from one really fucking amazing scene The Last Jedi was shit, and The Force Awakens couldn't have done more to be boring and unoriginal. At least Rogue One felt stylistically unique. And Solo? Did anyone even see it? Did it make anyone care aside from a single cameo that they're probably never going to put to use and if they do won't be meaningful?
Having lived through, and enjoyed, the time when there were dozens of games made from the prequels and original series, it's super strange that there hasn't been ANY games dealing with the modern Star Wars movies. I mean I know there's stuff from them in Battlefront but that's just pulling from all of Star Wars. It's strange not to have a Rogue One game or a slew of Force Awakens games. And the prime time to make those games has passed, so even if when EA loses the license I doubt anyone will be super hyped to make a new game about an "old" movie. So we may never see a single game about the sequel trilogy.
I think the issue is the fact that the characters and overall plot wasn't terribly memorable. The action scenes were easily the best in the series, but the characters besides Asian blind guy and snarky Robot left no impression. Matter of fact besides the ending there wasn't that stood out in terms of narrative. Actually this video sums up the opinion on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfJRm0WssOE
EA consistently puts talent and studios on projects they have no experience for whatsoever
Yeah, they really missed the mark on it and I almost feel like it was them, Mike in particular, transferring the issues had with Force Awakens on to it because it came next. He was so excited for Force Awakens he went through it as a fanboy and didn't quite look at it in his usual critical light. Rogue One comes around and the honeymoon feeling is gone, and he comes down hard on Rogue One for things he should have said for Force Awakens.
It should be noted that Gary Whitta used to be the Editor-in-Chief of PC Gamer and he also was one of the writers on the first season of Telltale's The Walking Dead in case anyone is wondering why he's talking about the games industry.
I mean, I'll trust Gary Whitta's opinion more than most other people involved with the franchise. He's a talented writer (Book of Eli, Telltale's Walking Dead, After Earth) so I think he's in a good position to criticize EA's disastrous track record. He's also not a Disney employee so I feel he's coming out with an unbiased opinion.
Have you even seen TFA
RLM's video misses the point and some of the criticism is just misplaced, like the hallway scene with Darth Vader. They're funny to watch but they're not infallible. EA in general along with similar AAA companies are having an identity crisis. They make games for shareholders that also somewhat appeal to gamers. Shareholders are demanding more live services for bigger revenue streams while gamers are pushing back against most of these. That's just the way I see it anyway.
Yeah I like RLM and have no vested interest in Star Wars but all of their criticisms make no sense and are so easily shot down with stuff that's even in the film. Every time they question a character motivation, it's like, ok well their motivation was in the film, it was clear, and it made sense?
More people with influence really need to start taking EA down a peg. Tho I didn't care for Rogue One. The action, especially the end sequence, was fun and I enjoyed the attempt to make the Rebellion less morally white. But there wasn't anything in the plot or characters that I cared about, or can even remember now.
I love RLM, but their Star Wars related stuff has become so predictable and boring, that I pretty much avoid any video of theirs related to it. Doesn't help that people just parrot everything they say ad nauseam. (THING I KNOW)
Rogue one was okay looks wise, but the characters are all 2d as fuck with the only funny/interesting character being the droid of all people. Everyone else had a constant state of :| the entire movie, it was almost offensive how bland the acting was.
RLM can have interesting/entertaining conversation about movies, Best of the Worst is hilarious, but id really not consider most of their review opinons to be valuable ones to me. Theyre more entertaining performative cynicism than serious movie reviews. Their star wars related content is the worst right now. Their punchline that people liking star wars is a bad thing somehow is seriously tired. They spend half of star wars reviews talking about how they hate that people like star wars, and thats just a waste of time to me. I genuinely am tired of star wars movies, but RLMs take on it is really dumb, they barely make interesting points, and whatever they say gets repeated everywhere.
Rogue One was a bit of a flashback, but besides that I like the sorta gritty war movie feel it has to it, even if it got cringy at opportune times.
Rogue One is a movie that has extremely weak character writing and is mostly salvaged by a really strong third act that doesn't depend on complex characters or strong character development, and ends the movie on a strong note that helps the audience walk out forgiving the earlier parts. It's a shame that this primary flaw wasn't fixed or you could have had a really solid movie.
When did RLM became the sole authority on films
I'm not sure if it's the best analogy to make but to me Rogue One felt like a Star Wars version of Saving Private Ryan. In both movies, I can't really say any of the acting or characters are memorable but war movies are usually defined by their combat scenes which I thought were excellent in Rogue One. Also, the ending was really good. IDK, is it possible that sometimes the characters aren't as important as the setting and the action?
You could probably make a game that at least partly adapts Rogue One and the weak parts of the character writing would be able to be somewhat forgiven. It's still be better writing than Battlefront 2's cardboard cut-outs.
Absolutely. Rogue One was more a war film than any other Star Wars movie and it was interesting for it. And to be quite honest the series is filled with flat characters, none of them really have any depth. The most interesting ones strangely enough were actually Finn in Force Awakens but he got ruined throughout The Last Jedi, and Kylo Ren in the first two acts of The Last Jedi but that was also ruined by the final act. Both of them could have been compelling characters but instead they got flattened in to boring messes just the same.
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