• Rogue One Writer Lambastes EA for Catastrophically Mismanaging Star Wars License
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SPR still had meaningful character drama that gave the action sequences stakes. You get to know the soldiers intimately, which gives weight and meaning to their actions. The characters in Rogue One were so one-note and uninteresting that you don't end up caring if they live or die. Jyn Erso was especially guilty of feeling both unlikable and unmotivated in her actions. She's a standoffish loner who gives the audience no reason to sympathize with her, yet she's suddenly willing to martyr herself for the rebellion without us having seen her go through any kind of character growth.
Here's the video that the article refers to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2E_1Uan4Ec
Rogue One was a spit on the face of every Star Wars fan, but mostly to the older fans. Give me back Kyle Katarn's story disney. So many things branched out from that.
I can't believe Disney erased Kyle Katarn but made this part of the canon. While I do concur that EA mishandled the Star Wars license pretty badly, the horrid business practices are a problem the entire industry is complicit in. The only publisher these days, who I would trust to make an actually good Star Wars game with more to it than thinly-veiled corporate avarice, would be Ubisoft and even they would probably squirt in microtransactions somehow. Bethesda comes in second, I'd let Arkane Studios make a Star Wars game any day.
I don't see how that relates to Rogue One. Those stories are still there anyway, they didn't disappear, even if they aren't part of the new canon.
Everyone knows that if isn't canon it might as well be fanfic. The "Legends" staff didn't just write new Star Wars content. They "got" what Star Wars was all about. Even going so far as doing it better than Lucas. People already liked the stuff in legends, I don't know why Disney went out of their way to create new stories that people are hate instead of taking the stuff people already liked and just converting them to movies.
You don’t get why? There’s plenty of embarrassing and dumb crap to be found in the old extended universe that Disney didn’t want to have attached to their new movies. I don’t think anyone is crying over the loss of Luuke or the Yuzang Vong. They wanted a clean start and they’re bringing some of the old EU stuff into the new canon anyway so it’s not like Kyle Katarn has been relegated to the garbage heap forever. Dumping the EU when they acquired Star Wars was the right call.
Nobody would give a shit for them dumping EU if the stuff they came up with wasn't bad.
I feel like if Rogue One didn't have the Star Wars franchise to lean on, it would be summarized as a mediocre movie with poor character development and incoherent editing, partially redeemed by good action sequences. It wanted to be The Guns of Navarone or Where Eagles Dare in space, but it didn't have the dramatic depth to back it up. But since it is a Star Wars film, it's the best Star Wars film since the original trilogy. I didn't hate it, I'd see it again, but 'better than the prequels' is a low bar to meet and I don't think it stands on its own merits.
I went and watched all the new disney star wars movies, but I actually dont remember them almost at all. Its sad really. A franchise that used to be so original and memorable.
I didn't mind solo bar the annoying robot and awful cameo at the end, I feel it got more shit than it deserved
People who say this don't know shit about Kyle Katarn's story. The whole death star plans thing was basically just a side note to his story. Even in the first game, thay was all about the Dark Trooper project and kyle stopping it. The other games were about him coming to terms with being a jedi and such. Rogue One changing who got the death star plans doesn't affect Kyle's story all that much.
It's been a long time since I played Dark Forces, but wasn't the stealing the Death Star plans thing one mission?
Yeah, the first mission. Kyle's later adventures are way cooler. He beats up dragons n shit.
Here's the thing. Disney did throw out a lot of crap, yeah, but there's also a lot of material people have nostalgia for, a lot of things that didn't need to go. And with no proper sense of what's canon and what isn't, people were still confused as hell as to whether The Old Republic or even the whole KoTOR series was canon anymore, even the developers were. Furthermore, what Disney's adding to the canon under their tighter control is completely and utterly random with no sense of rhyme or reason, and all of it is lacking in any real memorable quality. They lit a fire under the old fan's asses while not really creating Star Wars stories for new fans.
the whole kessel run and the contortions to fit that one throwaway line around the entire climax of the plot was what really annoyed me. like it couldn't have been "go here, hide from the empire, get back before you go boom" nope gotta toss in a random pointless death, gobbleygook about star charts, and then damage the ship in specific ways to make it look like the old falcon just to fit the damn throwaway line about the kessel run, which nobody would be running given how its an empire controlled system
I can say that I actually did enjoy Rogue One with a straight face, which is more than I can say about the other new Star Wars films. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't flawed, and could've seriously used some of its screen-time more effectively to fix the issues that people have with it, particularly on the characterization front. Still, I'm surprised that it's as divisive as it is. I walked out of the theater thinking that TLJ was a pile of crap and that TFA was a boring rehash, but on a general bar of 'quality I'd like to see out of a star wars movie franchise', Rogue One was only a bit below that bar and I'd be happy to just shrug and say "Eh, not a bad side-story movie!" had the new series as a whole been handled better. But of course, the mainline films just have so many huge glaring problems that I can't help but find them far worse than Rogue One. But even with all that said, I consider "Having actually managed to put out a movie that isn't a steaming turd or an insult to the consumer" manages to beat out EA by a long-shot so far. The lineup of failures from them is completely ridiculous, and I'm sure that Disney is feeling really uncomfortable about having given them exclusive rights to star wars videogames right now.
Just change Kyle's story so he makes the pilot defect or something.
Fairly important since it's the opener and setup. old canon claimed death star plans were in pieces to avoid picking one backstory though
He just said that the video sums up the opinion??????
I seem to be in the minority here in that Rogue One is my least favorite of the new Star Wars films, barring Solo which I haven't seen yet. Through myriad friends and family who are all Star Wars fans but have different schedules, I have managed to see Force Awakens, Rogue One, and Last Jedi three times each. Of those 9 total viewings, I only fell asleep twice - the second and third viewings of Rogue One. Rogue One wasn't by any means a bad film. I enjoyed it, I thought it had some interesting ideas. I never did learn the names of any of the main characters, but I had fun names for them instead (Blind Monk, Heavy Weapons Guy, Sassy Robot, Rebel Rebel, and people constantly tell me there was a fifth main character but I honest to god do not remember a fifth main character) and they were all distinct enough that I can clearly separate them all out in my mind. The third act, as everyone else says, is definitely the best. I feel like the first act drags on way too long, and I honestly found most of the secondary characters more interesting than the main characters. But at the end of the day, the film had its simple role as a sequel to A New Hope, and it did that job perfectly fine. It's not a film I'd jump out of my seat to see a fourth time (unless I need a nap ), but it's not a film I'll walk out of the room over if it was playing there.
This reminds me about what really killed The Force Awakens for me. With Disney ditching the EU I was thinking that they'd rid us of all the "WE GOTTA STOP THE THINGS THAT'S LIKE THE DEATH STAR, BUT 100 TIMES MORE POWERFUL". But apparently it was all in a bid to make their own version of "WE GOTTA STOP THE THINGS THAT'S LIKE THE DEATH STAR, BUT 100 TIMES MORE POWERFUL".
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