• Japan's 7-Eleven bans pornographic magazines in run-up to Olympics
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Seems counter productive.
where am i supposed to get my porn now?
How are the athletes gonna jack off when they run out of other athletes to fuck?
what's the point of going anymore
Well japanese 7/11s just lost my business
Westerners ruining everything again
Where will I go to get my heavily pixelated vagina fix?
Japan and their perfect society guise.
It was insane when I was in Japan. They had a magazine aisle about 30 metres long, and it went; "Childrens magazines! Music magazines! Womens magazines! Mens magazines! News papers! PORN!" And there was twice as much porn as there were any other magazines. Wasn't even on the top shelf or anything.
what else are you supposed to occupy yourself with when there is a long line and then you have to avoid eye contact with the cashier when you finally get there?
how about try to pick up real girls not the ones in the magazines. maybe one day they'll fix their declining birth rates
Yeah, that's more workculture related. The porn is arguably a symptom, not the cause.
That's even worse, how do you avoid everyone looking when putting a girl in the counter???
Japanese workculture is fucked up. You're most likely either working way too many hours, or aren't even earning enough to sustain a desirable outcome, of which the latter is about 40 percent of the workforce Is being a model though stable income 🤔 if so it's a pretty fucked up cycle
Are you saying I won't be able to buy whipped cream and a porn magazine, then paying while I stare the store clerk in the eyes??? That's it, the trip is cancelled
I don't believe that someone whose background image is Kaname from a literal trap porn doujin series by artist Locon is saying this, of all people.
Porn has hardly any noticeable impact on birthrates and I have no idea where you got that from unless you're falling for those pseudo-psychology blogs/journalists or believing those memes where everyone in Japan prefers to be with their 2d waif or some stupid shit like that
When I went to Japan this winter I noticed that "FamilyMart" had pornographic magazines on display. I just found it so absurd especially due to the name of the store chain. Thank you Japan.
Plot twist: all of the magazines are about incest.
In their defense, they're usually covered and wrapped up so you can't open them. Could be worse, they used to have porn mag vending machines out in the open.
Who's seriously going to care that a gas station is selling porn?
Honestly I don't really blame them. One Logan Paul was bad enough. The Olympics is going to bring in a whole horde of Logan Pauls. It would be very embarrassing to the company if a video goes viral of some American buffoon doing whatever with the Porn Section.
you sure gotem
Yeah don't get it, surely you'd want to ramp up production in preparation to sell a shitload more.
People actually pay money for porn magazines with censored coochie? What's the fucking point?
In Tokyo convenience stores are absolutely everywhere
If this is truly japan, it'd be the next convenience store next door.
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