• Japan's 7-Eleven bans pornographic magazines in run-up to Olympics
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It's neither. Japan's birthrate is only a bit below average for a first world country, but it doesn't have immigration disguising it.
One day I hope Japan gets rid of those ridiculous censorship laws. There's some grade A smut over there that needs to be seen fully.
Wrong. Workplace and culture plays an immense effect. It's also true in other developped countries, it's more true over there. This post just makes no sense. Do you seriously think demographists can't make the difference between immigration and birthrate when they say Japan is in a demographic crisis? Birth rate are not the only factor when it comes to demographics, the issue isn't only about the number of people dropping. If their governement says it's a national emmergency maybe it's also related to other things like aging population and the impact that has on the economy. Birth rates are one statistic out of many that matter, and yes workplace culture is very related to it. Immigration is not "disguising" birth rates, that comment makes no sense at all. It's almost like there's more to it than the number of people in the country.
Immigration is what keeps the birth rates in other countries from turning into a demographic crisis. The EU's birthrate is only 0.2 children ahead of Japan.
We've already had this discussion in a previous thread where the subject came up. You can't fix a declining birthrate by injecting immigrants into a country; you are merely disguising and putting a bandaid over the problem instead of actually fixing it. You are also relying on other countries having an overpopulation problem that demands that their citizens go off to populate other countries; it's not sustainable.
Ignoring that this still has nothing to do with the causes of the drop in birth rate, which is what the post was about. Comparing the average of a whole continent and Japan based on one single data point doesnt tell us much. Birth rates are only one part of a complex equation, and theses countries have very different demographics. Demography is just more than people in people out, it's related to everything else in that society.
Probably Haha, absolutely not
Well the lack of immigration is why Japan gets attention instead of the entire West.
vending machine
So like does this include hentai or...?
well fuck guess ill have to go somewhere else for my degenerate porn
Isn’t the whole law a bit draconian? I’m not fully familiar with it but it puzzles me why they haven’t just gotten rid of it, given the hilariously thin lines or hearts that cover approximately 0.2% of things passing for censorship.
I don't think a politician wants to be the one known for decensoring the porn.
its readily available in bookstores over there, it just won’t be as easily accessible since they’re not as widespread as 7-11s and other convenience stores
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