• 2019 Academy Awards Announced
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https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/22/entertainment/oscar-nominations-2019/index.html Best Picture: Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman, Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, Roma, Green Book, A Star is Born and Vice
Wut. Not a single major category nomination for First Man? That was one of the few films I actually enjoyed this year.
I keep forgetting that Black Panther was a 2018 film. That year felt like it dragged on forever.
Black Panther being nominated for best picture is an absolute fucking joke. It isn't just a bad film in general, it's even one of the worst modern Marvel films. For it to be the only one to get a nomination in any major category, let alone best picture, is a laff.
Agree. How can you put Black Panther on the same level as Vice? It's insane.
Bohemian Rhapsody? Are you kidding me? What a terrible fucking list of nominations.
I stopped caring about this when I learned that for the animation category, the films aren't even watched half the time before being nominated and awards given to whatever they hear about the most. The fact that boss baby was nominated that one time shows that they really don't care, its just a popularity contest
To be fair there are very few animated films released in cinemas in the west. Usually 1 Pixar 1 DreamWorks and a few indies.
The problem is that the nominations are always limited to 3 films from US, 1 from other country, only cinemas releases. On 2018 were released like one hundred animated movies, according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_animated_feature_films_of_2018
Vice, Black Panther and Bohemian Rhapsody got nominated for pretty much everything at this year's Oscars, but absolutely zero nominations for Hereditary, Suspiria, Sorry To Bother You, Annihilation, Widows, Blindspotting  or pretty much anything that was worth seeing in 2018 aside from A Star Is Born and BlackKklansman.  This Oscars are pandering as fuck to "general audiences" after the low ratings last year and it really shows. Why the hell is Vice nominated for like ten things lol
Academy awards continues the tradition of being a shitshow
Indeed. It's absolutely shocking that one of the most critically acclaimed films of the year would get nominated for a single award: https://i.imgur.com/jZUqgk1.png Frankly, its more shocking that Vice is getting nominated for best picture, given it's incredibly lackluster critical reception: https://i.imgur.com/E54fyOJ.png It's fine to have the opinion that Black Panther is a terrible film that doesn't deserved to be considered for any awards, but don't go and pretend it's the majority view.
I only saw the Favourite from that list and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Heyyyy a guy from my school/department wrote BlacKKKlansman
last year i made an effort to see all the nominees in the best picture category... but this year? nah, just by looking at that crop i know it's not worth it
I'm really tired of all the Oscar winners being the same damn genre of dramatic semi biographical/ historical biography movies. It's so boring. I'd honestly like black Panther to win just to change it up
Before you overlook it the favorite is really fucking good guys
blackkklansman deserves it
The significance of race played more in Black Panthers success. It's a very generic and average film at best.
i really enjoyed "the killing of a sacred deer" so looking forward to see it when it comes out here next week!!
I agree with the first part, but I think it's disingenuous to call it generic. It's story was important in my opinion, and everything from the design to the music kicked ass
More excited that One Small Step got nominated for best short. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYcpRSQ-irs The team's made up of former Disney animators -- including Andrew Chesworth, whom you might recall as that one guy that went to the same school Andrew Dobson went to. I'm hoping against hope that this opens up the path to a new studio that brings us some fresh content that stirs up the industry.
For me, the generic story and the terrible CGi threw it down. If this movie was released in 2008 it'd be a different story, but where marvel films are so oversaturated nowadays, this film felt like the same old formula.
Generally speaking I feel that the movies of 2018 were mostly not so good. Most years I have at least one or two movies I get excited to see but 2018 I had zero. First in a long time. That being said, I would choose Bohemian Rhapsody for best picture it was damn near perfect fusion of musical/documentary.
The story by definition wasn't really generic though
politicsssss the nominations are just politics and publicity
The film that is literally there because of politics is Vice, not Black Panther. If the Academy Awards started enforcing a standard that only critically acclaimed films were allowed to be nominated for best picture - no bullshit allowed - Black Panther would still be a contender, while Vice and especially Bohemian Rhapsody would be disqualified.
i just want All The Stars to win best song so kendrick can add an oscar to his list of awards
Black panther isn't exactly a fine film, but what are you talking about? It was a good movie, and was a lot of fun to watch.
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