• 2019 Academy Awards Announced
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its straight up the lion king / hamlet with a super hero it's not bad but it's not original either
this is the worst list of nominations in a LONG while.
don't let this distract you from the fact that a star is born is so unoriginal that it's literally the 3rd in a line of remakes
Hereditary is so, so over-rated.
Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely the most conspicuous of all the best picture nominees. That's why I'm fearing it's there because some of the oscar voters are showing solidarity with a notable pedo director AGAIN. God, can you imagine if it actually wins and we get a standing ovation for Bryan Singer? I think we'd officially have license to burn all of hollywood down at that point.
I haven't watched a single one of these movies. Am I missing out?
2018 was amazing for music, meh for film
Plenty of people say that exact thing about shit films but hey what do you know they don't get nominated for best picture. I mean I don't care that much, the oscars have always been a popularity contest and these days politics driven, but this is a stretch even for the academy.
Of all the other things listed against Black Panther, BlacKkKlansman and Green Book are the only ones that I'd believe could be better than it. I don't find it to be a major stretch to say it was best picture of these choices, I wouldn't expect it from the academy, but that's because they've been pretentious motherfuckers for eons and I would fully expect them to ignore any superhero movie with no other basis for doing so.
It's a stretch that one of the year's most critically acclaimed gigantic blockbusters got nominated? No it isn't.
I've seen half the films on this list. Absolutely bonkers for Bohemian Rhapsody to be on there imo, it's such a 6/10 film Roma, The Favourite, and Black Klansman are all pretty legit
God the Oscar's are such a joke. It's actually hilarious that the academy is so pathetic and such a jerk fest that after digging themselves into a hole by only nominating character studies of artists that they then desperately try to bring viewers back by nominating schlock. Maybe if they started nominating and giving awards to films on their merit as cinema as opposed to what panders to the elites sensibilities people might watch their shitty awards show again.
It doesn't help that most of the judges are super lazy and don't actually watch most of the films nominated. For the animated films they just vote for whatever they heard their kids/grandkids talking about, if they vote at all.
The Oscar's has just been a front for film industry advertising for decades Also Black Panther ain't that good
I respected the cultural impact of Black Panther and i enjoyed the movie, but it wasn’t amazing. It was just a solid Marvel movie like all the others with cool designs. To be honest the only amazing marvel movie for me was Into a The Spiderverse, Infinity War and Guardians of The Galaxy 1. All the other are just a good to average watch.
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