• Builder destroys new hotel with digger over unpaid wages
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https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-merseyside-46953987 Ceiling fixer Samuel White, 24, witnessed what happened and described the man, who had claimed to be owed about £600, as "some idiot in a mini digger" who "decided to drive through the middle of the building". He said the destruction went on for "a good 20 or 30 minutes" and had left workers "gobsmacked". Oof.
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I sure hope he stopped when he reached 600 quid of damage. Otherwise he'll owe them and I'm sure he'll be less than thrilled when they drive their mini digger through the side of his house to collect their payments.
Idiot in a mini digger hahaha Bob the Builder, tired from all the deaths, has become Bob Destroyer of Hotels
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the man, who had claimed to be owed about £600, Congratulations, man. Hope that's worth all the shit you're about to get into.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237016/c8bdc135-66a6-4690-9fe0-14f19cbab5fe/image.png to be fair, I'd be super fucking irate if I was cheated out of almost 800$ Maybe not this much but still
Should have put a lien on the property
Would it be worth getting your head served on a plate over for causing probably hundreds of thousands (if not more?) in property damage?
https://youtu.be/3OyrX11cMkE Probably had the thought of "Oh? Right, then. No wages, no hotel."
Apparently he hadn't been paid since the start of December meaning he would have missed out over Christnas so I can understand being super pissed Even still though lol
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Everyone missed the pay because of a luck up. He did get paid in the end, it was for January but late, apparently it was a really in his account by the time he went on his stupid rampage
i can understand the frustration but.. now he's just complete fucked his life up most likely also lol calling travelodge a hotel is like calling mcdonalds a restaurant.
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