• Chris Brown arrested in Paris on allegations of rape, source says
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About time.
Relevant and recent video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDqRcfo6V_8&feature=youtu.be
Oh wow, who'd have thought Chris Brown was a scum bag?
PLEASE let this be the end of this eternal cunt
wow its almost like bad people usually continue doing bad things when they think they're above everyone else
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fEt3uERI_w Chris Brown is some kind of master karma houdini :V
Boy I wouldn't want to wake up in Chris Brown's body now!... Or ever.
I was gunna say, Gus definitely chris pratt face'd at some point today.
He's to hoping the fucker is jailed. It's been overdue since the Rihanna abuse to be honest. Paris police don't fuck around too so it might happen.
Please don't turn this into an OJ Simpson thing, media
We don't need a new Kardasian family.
Who would have thought that Chris Brown was a serial abuser of women?
You mean the guy who beat a woman into the hospital and (allegedly) pointed his gun at another also may have raped someone? By jove, I think my monocle just popped with surprise!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hU1mXS0KgqA Nothing has changed, nothing is new; if your name is Chris Brown, boy it sucks to be you!
Chris Brown released in Paris with no charges after rape allegations Well, there goes that.
Ain't that some bullshit.
I mean he may not have been guilty this time though
I usually side with innocent until proven guilty but given this guy's track record I'm not sure how I should feel.
Apparently he was released with no charges. These accusations might not have held any water.
They shouldve flipped the table and arrested him just cause hes an absolute cunt
they literally just arrested him over an ACCUSATION. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Celebrities always get lucky
wait isn't this the dude who sang that 'fuck you' song what's the deal with him
Nah that was Cee Lo Green or whatever the hell his name is
he is innocent
so what'd this dude do?
So you're saying we should charge someone with a crime after the trial for those charges?
Nah he's just rich. Everytime I see him, he just has a very unlikeable attitude.
That's how it works, if its credible then police will arrest so that you can be put on trial.
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