• Record numbers of Americans believe in and care about climate change
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https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/22/climate/americans-global-warming-poll.html A record number of Americans understand that climate change is real, according to a new survey, and they are increasingly worried about its effects in their lives today. Some 73 percent of Americans polled late last year said that global warming was happening, the report found, a jump of 10 percentage points from 2015 and three points since last March.The rise in the number of Americans who say global warming is personally important to them was even sharper, jumping nine percentage points since March to 72 percent, another record over the past decade. The survey is the latest in a series from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication. It was conducted online in November and December by Ipsos, which polled 1,114 American adults. The results suggest that climate change has moved out of the realm of the hypothetical for a wide majority of Americans, said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale program. Asked whether people in the United States were being harmed by global warming “right now,” 48 percent of the respondents agreed, an increase of nine percentage points since March. And 49 percent said they believed they would be personally harmed by global warming, a seven-point jump over the same period.
Still less than half. Fucking christ.
? 73% believe it exists 72% believe it's important 48% believe it's harming Americans 49% believe it will harm them
Does he know of the existence of the polar vortex
Good. Now they just need to vote accordingly.
That's dependent upon canidate politicians who actually believe/care, aren't ignorant or malicious in that regard and aren't in the pockets of certain large corporations that out right deny it.
I doubt he even knows how to tie his own shoes.
Bush having the "fool me once" fuck up was once considered a dumb ass president. What the fuck even is this one? Isn't he old enough to be considering how he'll be remembered?
Yeah people are starting to feel it. My boss at work was comparing the amount of snow and weather conditions from his youth to today. Spooky shit.
48% believe it's harming Americans 49% believe it will harm them You answered your own question. 49% believe it will harm them. Fucking retards, the entire 51% of them. It will effect literally everyone.
A poll showed 53% of Americans do not understand correlation doesn't equal causation, the poll was by Cards Against Humanity.
That's upsetting.
I swear this is a straight-up copypaste from a previous tweet. Especially that last sentence.
Its going to be satisfying seeing Mar-A-Lago sink beneath the waves in the future
People are fucking idiots. Only believing in something when it personally affects their own life. Too late now.
"This happened before! It's just some fucking snow and ice, it's happened before! Oh no, it's cold. Stupid fucking liberals trying to blame everything!"
No he was well aware of global warming. Difference would have been a better word than comparing.
The type of people who'll stand in a fire and complain that it's hot.
Anything less than 100% on all 4 points is a fatal failure of US media to inform the American public about climate change
I'd say realistically 95-99% because there's always going to be those incorrigible conspiritards.
Caring about it is great but it won't do us much good if we won't do something about it very very very soon. The article posted here laid out how discussion is propping up more and more but not much about possible actions, such as less cars on the road or lowered consumption rates. Everything about this still feels too "business as usual"-y.
"believe in" is such shitty language to even use here. It's not fucking santa, jesus or buddhism. It's fucking science. I don't give a fuck if they "believe in it" I care if they understand and comprehend it enough to participate in debates on how to solve it. Any other level of comprehension or any notion of depating the reality of it is an instant qualification to being a functioning adult in the western hemisphere in my book. People need to fuck off with believing shit in general and start understanding shit instead. Beliefs are for children, because that's how their view of the world and understanding thereof stays safe, positive yet inquisitive. I've never seen an adult wield belief as a tool to be more inquisitive like a child does. America needs to invest in its own future by making sure that future generations of adults understand the importance of comprehension and understanding as well as why belief alone never cuts it as an adult. Understanding is how we make this world better. understanding each other, understanding society, understanding science and understanding our world. It shouldn't be remotely difficult to follow such a simple template to forming a healthy approach to life. It's literally how the Scandinavian welfare states raises (except Sweden now) children and has (along with sweden) raised these past 4 generations.
them "believing" it won't make it better
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