• Overweight passenger forces EVA Air flight attendants to wipe his backside
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The man just wants a good clean ass give him a break
~~~Body positivity~~~
Kuo's chief attendant took on the burden of helping him wipe his backside. However, they were left traumatised when the man started letting out moans, saying, "deeper, deeper, deeper" NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOO!
Disgusting American tourists!
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/273775/2506d05b-3c2c-4142-b034-253d5add3c30/image.png can we please get a disgusting rating
Despite their attempts to turn down his excessive request, he refused to take no for an answer. The crew could only give in to his request. How does an obese man with an injured arm force someone to wipe his arse? Stewardesses should have flat out refused.
Wow, Gabe has really fallen on hard times since Artifact flopped.
he convinced those women to get straight into his shit up arse crack what a legend
Should've shoved his fat ass into the bathroom and locked the door.
What an absolute twat, instead of looking after himself he lets himself go and expects others to do all the dirty work for him. And if he's in that state due to no fault of his own, that's a shame but that's not the correct way to conduct yourself.
If it weren't for the fact he moaned while they did it along with other shit, and the fact he's done this shit before, I doubt this would be a news story as helping injured and disabled passengers is kind of one of the jobs of a flight attendant, but the fact is this creep was trying to get anything as close to "action" in his sad pathetic life. Poor girls. It's shit like this why you don't have all-women or all-men flights.
i came
@sir whoopsalot can you wipe my butt for me please
Then you have an airplane full of passengers forced to smell this ass-hat for the rest of the flight. :/
Not if you throw him out of the plane at cruising altitude.
this is precisely why we need more bidet technology.
Oh, sure, just destroy a city block to spite the fat guy.
You ever flush an airplane toilet? An airplane bidet would blast you a new asshole.
How to increase the lesbian population in one easy step.
I wonder why he was going to Thailand...
..............People like the man in question give the overweight a worse reputation and make things harder for people like me. Bad enough I still gotta contend with people who think "that guy eats babies/pets/anything because look at the size of him", now I have "he's a sicko pervert because he's so fat" to look forward to.........
This is fascinating, do people actually say that? I've never heard of people slinging those kinds of insults.
Usually its children who think they are SOOOO funny but yes, people do actually make those remarks.
"It's so harmful to the discourse!!!" Fat people stink because they literally can't wash themselves properly. It's how it goes.
I never got why the whole body acceptance movement just devolved into fat acceptance. To me the idea behind body acceptance was that people who are born with something that are out of their control, like a birth defect or short height or something like that, can be proud of who they are despite the fact that they rolled unlucky at birth. Being morbidly obese boils down to overeating and that's it. Yes, it's usually thanks to some food addiction or something similar but that's not a body acceptance issue, that is an addiction and mental health issue.
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