• ‘Exciting’ Halo MCC news teased for SXSW
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I'm hoping for it to be a PC announcement, but watch it be some 'remastered' update for the One X or something instead
Reach, they've teased its inclusion before
Well thats kind of obvious. Would still sell though
Yeah MCC would sell like hotcakes. Windows Store is to be expected honestly, they have no reason to go back. I can see it being Reach though. Its the one glaring omission.
Halo Reach on MCC? Fire fight in ODST? plz add
I wouldn't even care tbh.
calling it now master chief is gay
But that's so long awayyyyy
I knew I should have never used that monkeys paw damn it!
I can almost forgive 343 (and Microsoft) for what they did to Halo post-Bungie if they bring Halo 3, ODST, and Reach to PC.
I think microsoft has proven itself that it doesn't like money, hence the lack of 3, odst and reach pc ports so far.
It won't be Halo on PC. It'll be Reach added to the MCC, almost certainly as an additional buy because it's a full game being added on. That's not to say Halo PC is impossible, just that I don't think it's likely right now.
Reach coming to MCC with a PC port shortly afterward. MCC is definitely going to be a W10 store exclusive and will never come to Steam. MS will gladly bring some of their smaller IPs to Steam (Killer Instinct), but you can bet they're never going to do that to anything Halo related.
I'll only take Reach if they don't fuck up the armor customization like they did for 3.
Halo and Forza are Microsoft store only forever. Halo spin-off, like Halo Wars and Spartan Assault are fine for steam though, along with games Microsoft just published.
Halo on Mobile
MS is heavily promoting cross-buy with Xbox, which is only possible with the Windows Store and UWP. So expect very, very few future titles on Steam, if any.
Halo Infinite is coming to PC, would be a mistake not to do it. Would be missing the story.
MCC is definitely coming to PC at some point. While playing Insider builds, my PC would receive invites for MMC, and it briefly did it on the release version when they launched the update, which is something only Xbox Play Anywhere titles do. Although with the history of Halo PC announcements/hype, a Reach announcement without a single mention of PC is more likely.
that already happened
Halo 3 Anniversary.
Thre's no way it's a PC release, there's just no chance of it! We've wished for it for so long but why release it now? We should all just stop dreaming. It's probably a PC release.
I'd love a port to windows but we all know how much of a buggy mess they'd make of it. one can still dream of playing halo 2 without all the massive clusterfuck that was gfwl + vista + very strict serial key drms that made it almost unplayable
Unexpected Path: Custom Edition HD baby!
I feel like Reach is inevitable but also isn't exciting enough to warrant that much attention.
Give me a semi-decent Halo 3, ODST and Reach PC port and I will lob money in their general direction. Throw in mod support for all three and I will personally fellate or otherwise orally satisfy everyone involved.
Actually, Dev Update 3 mentioned them looking into loading Custom Edition content. MCC Development Update #3 | Halo
I'd be willing to bet it's Reach & official Mouse + keyboard support.
One X was already remastered with the update a few months ago, so that's out of the question. I'm thinking Reach or PC.
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