• ‘Exciting’ Halo MCC news teased for SXSW
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if it's a PC port i hope that they don't make us buy it again if we already own it
Thats if blizzard did it
if you have digital, probably not. Play Anywhere exists.
And the Epic Games Store
If it uses UWP, probably not much more buggy than the Xbox version. They would be more or less identical. Xbox --> PC ports are really a thing of the past, unless the dev specifically goes out of their way to do so, for some bizarre reason.
the problem is that MCC is a collection of emulators so who knows what bizarre things happen when you move from the xbox's pclike hardware to general pc hardware
MCC isn't emualtion, its a port.
And not a very good port at that. They're trying to fix some of the issues the ports have though which is nice but it took them way too fucking long.
halo trading card game
Custom maps DO load in MCC’s Halo 1 engine, it is very possible… Halo Custom Edition. In order to properly support Custom Edition, it requires re-adding texture systems to the Halo engine in H1A for DirectX 11. I worked on a prototype of this earlier in the year, but it still doesn’t solve for the other issue which are sounds. Custom Edition was PC only, and it uses audio codecs like oggvorbis which you would normally not use on the Xbox One. In the event that we want to support a Custom Edition map with sounds that never shipped in Halo 1, we need to re-enable parts of the old sound system in the Halo engine, plus support decompressing/playing the sounds in a way that works with H1A’s FMOD implementation. This work is still ongoing. [source]
honestly I feel like if it was a PC release it'd have been leaked in some way by now. the way this has just came out of nowhere makes me doubt it'll be a pc release
We do have Halo Onlien, and judging by the icons the .exe files come with it wasn’t just Bungie’s version of the Halo 3 engine, because the icon is of the Halo 4 Master Chief design.
Altered Halo 5 box Only 4 months ago, we were expecting MCC for PC then, hope this is it now
What kind of changes would there be for this?
Graphically, I guess they could improve textures and such, but I assume a lot of improvements naturally came with just being ported to the Xbone (like framerate). Honestly, Halo 3 still looks really good 11 years later, only certain things like NPC faces date it.
The last three Forza titles have done just fine being a MS Store exclusive and I don't see why a Halo game would be any worse.
i hope this is true because then i have more reasons to get rid of my xbox lol
Could it really be true..? Will they finally give us what we've been wanting for over 10 years?
I doubt it. Microsoft clearly isn't interested in our money.
To be fair, the reason that we've not seen any Halo games on PC since Halo 2 isn't "we don't want money", but likely more "it's a lot of work to make a good port." 343 talked about this a couple of years back, when they first began floating the idea of including Reach with the MCC. They briefly said they would like to bring Halo to PC, but it's a difficult task to port them over, since they have to absolutely certain it runs flawlessly.
Didn't they do a public beta for Halo 5? They could do the same for the MCC.
Pretty sure the main reason is they need exclusives for the Xbox too encourage people to buy them. Until Phil Spencer took over Xbox their main goal was to get people to buy Xboxes, it's only since he took control that we've seen good PC ports on the Microsoft store. That said with Phil in charge the chance of Halo eventually coming to PC is infinitely higher than before.
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