• New recycling technology to keep 90 per cent of household waste out of landfill
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A new resource recovery centre in the Shoalhaven region of New South Wales will see 90 per cent of red bin household waste recycled when it is built by 2021. The Shoalhaven recycling facility will be the first of its kind outside Poland and just the third centre built in the world. https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-23/new-recycle-technology-to-keep-90pc-of-waste-out-of-landfill/10736142 For context, here we already have ‘yellow bin’ recycling for glass, paper and metals, and ‘green bin’ recycling for organics. This facility would allow for recycling of the general waste in ‘red bins’, which otherwise goes to landfill (municipal waste power generation is uncommon in Australia).
The bins are blue where I live, not red.
With proper waste management logistics/infrastructure and incentivizing people to recycle more (by mainly offering the option in the first place and maybe a landfill tax?), there's no reason why this couldn't work in the US. Heck, plug up Mr.TrashWheel to it.
Crap. Plan ruined
Eww green and blue mate that's fucked. I've still got the old fashioned green lid and yellow lid bins. But it depends on council, I'm sure I'll get the new fancy ones soon.
red top bins here
I was skeptical going in, but hot damn does it work well. We need this in every city, and China needs like 2000 of them for the backlog it has.
The sterilizing stage seems like a huge bottleneck. Hopefully it can scale it up effectively.
I'm surprised this kind of system was more uncommon than I thought. Over here we already have a bin for glass/paper/metal, a bin for organics, and a bin for general refuse. And this is in a US state.
We already have recycling here. This article is about recycling of general waste; stuff that doesn’t go in the recycling bins. I literally stated this in the OP.
RIP, I misread it. Sorry about that
As somebody that has a huge hard-on for recycling, this is amazing, please do this everywhere
We have kind of the same system and according to a recent report when you add up the numbers of recycled material from the material production industry we are at 5.6% recycling rate. Plastikmüll Mind that Germany is the "world champion in recycling"
Only 5.6%? That can’t be right. A 2011 report found that Australia recycled an estimated 50-60% of its generated waste.
cool but this still won't stop my brother from tossing the trash into the recycling bin simply because its a shorter can.
You forget what planet your on mate?
The guy the article is reporting on calculated what we recycle when we actually calculate recycled material. Government numbers include exports and multi-material waste as "unrecycable" and thus count into the quote somehow for the government.
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