• ‘Zootopia’-Themed Expansion Coming to Shanghai Disneyland
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https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/01/zootopia-themed-expansion-coming-to-shanghai-disneyland/?CMP=SOC-DPFY19Q2wo011720190010G This is also rumored to come to Animal Kingdom too, but it is only confirmed for Shanghai Disneyland at the moment.
thank the lord we've finally settled on a place to build the furry quarantine area.
Chinese furry population will grow 5000% in 10 years once the kids come of age. Wonder how the Chinese government will handle this. How much social credit courage and charisma will they need to walk around in fursuits Disney approved character costumes before the government sends them to 40 years hard labor a re-education camp to learn when the outfits are illegal socially inappropriate?
Isn't it illegal to draw smut so what's EVEN the point.
They've basically built a furry Mecca in a country where they cannot legally follow some of the most important tenets of the faith.
Make it have a restaurant were the waiters are cats and dogs and have all the recipes include cat or dog meat somehow.
Two reliable sources over at WDWMagic partially shot it down for WDW again: Zootopia won’t come to any US parks anytime in the foreseeable future. Corporate is afraid of the fan base. The Miscellaneous Thought Thread | Page 95 | WDWMAGIC Let alone the fan base, it will never come to the US for the same reasons that Get Out will never come to Horror Nights: It's Far too politically charged. So, what you end up with is the combined factors of a niche fan base and politics (let alone meh merch sales), a sizable Zootopia presence is a non-starter The Miscellaneous Thought Thread | Page 96 | WDWMAGIC
i hope they put up posters of that abortion comic
Well, Since its from their WDW forum-site and seems in last few years that both US parks are getting a Pixar and Lucasarts-theme areas. So I feel need to take some salt of I guess kinda BS? Until real "staff member" saids does indeed not coming in yet. And see this topic is about Zootopia in Disneyland Shanghai, Why not Disneyland Tokyo or Disneyland Paris parks too since their Furries nor US politics are lowest population as this moment for former and for latter, US politics is biggly irrelevant to all International parks?
Well, that explains why Shanghai Disneyland has a lot of Zootopia merchandise in their stores. Right now it's the only Disney park where you have a big choice of Zootopia-themed stuff.
Like usual, it isn't anything confirmed so take it as you will. If management wants it in WDW, then we're probably looking at 5+ years away. But those guys along with a couple other users over there have some very strong ties within the company, with some users being Imagineers themselves, and have been spot on with things occurring in the past 10+ years. Some recent things they were spot on were: Guardians going into Epcot a full year before the official announcement, the major cuts to Toy Story Land before the "revised" concept art ever happened, and Tron happening and keeping the Speedway. The Zootopia Shanghai expansion came up mid last year and was all but certain at that point. Even then they were saying there was little to no chance of it ever coming to Disney World. Besides, original expansions are better then getting some copy-pasted land from another park. Also, just because Zootopia involves animals that doesn't mean it's a perfect fit for AK. AK is about the humanities ties with the animal kingdom, not about inter-species relationships in the animal kingdom. This would fit better in the DHS because that park has no thematic continuity anymore aside from "movie rides". Tokyo is receiving two large expansions as it is. They like to do their own thing anyways. They dump money into having unique attractions that other parks don't have or taking their own spin and usually improving on it. They aren't owned by Disney anyways. Paris has other things to worry about. Both parks need fixed which is what's been happening since Disney gained full control over it recently. The Studios park is receiving a massive overhaul with Marvel taking over a chunk, a Frozen expansion happening, and a Star Wars land with the Falcon ride and a possible unique second attraction that is different then what the US parks are receiving. It could fit there but one step at a time. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/PJZ2JQCSPxo/maxresdefault.jpg
what the fuck
The mascot workers better watch their backs.
cmon how can you all get the name wrong furtopia
Ok then, Fair enough. Yea, Those people won't calling or feared being call themselves Furries because of liking Disney-only anthropomorphic animals. Like Bronies or Sonic fans.
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