• China made an app to show people if they're standing near someone in debt
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https://www.businessinsider.com/china-app-shows-map-of-people-in-debt-for-social-credit-system-report-2019-1?utm_source=reddit.com&utm_source=reddit.com A province in northern China developed an app to tell people whether they are walking near someone in debt, according to state media. The app, named the "map of deadbeat debtors," rolled out to people in Hebei, the state-run China Daily newspaper reported. They can access it on WeChat, the country's most popular instant-messaging platform. The program flashes a warning to show a user that they are within a 500-meter radius of someone in debt. It shows the debtor's exact location, according to a screenshot of the app. It's not clear whether the app displays a debtor's name, photos, or any other identity markers. It's also not clear how much money one must owe — or to whom — to be defined as a debtor. The app wants to get citizens to keep an eye on the so-called debtors. China Daily said it would let people "whistle-blow on debtors capable of paying their debts." It did not say what behavior could flag someone as capable of paying their debts.
What use is this for anyone, other than a government willing to spy on everything?
Loyalists snitching on people for social brownie points. This kind of shit spreading west scares me a bit. I know governments and corporations spy on us already but doing state sponsored shit like this and social ratings... I'd panic.
This video is presenting a social credit system as an hypothetical in the UK but it is already reality in China. https://youtu.be/WByBm2SwKk8
make a gaydar, cmon china you have the technology!
this is actually terrifying
A 'warning system' that a dissident is within 500 meters of you and that snitching on them nets you social credit is exactly 0 steps away.
dont touch me broke ass bitch
Can we Thanos snap the entire Chinese communist party and everyone that supports draconic shit like this please?
Stay the fuck away from me China.
I mean if you really think about it, China has some pretty big debt, nationally speaking. Maybe hand it out so all the other big nations can shun China.
Maybe we can give it a stack overflow by sending US students to study in China
China Daily said it would let people "whistle-blow on debtors capable of paying their debts." It did not say whatbehavior could flag someone as capable of paying their debts. So I'm guessing it's just so if people see a debtor spending a fucktonne of money on some other stuff, they can report them, or something like that.
We need to bring luddite-ism back
This is great! That means more ppl can sympathize with them lend them a helping hand. ...what? you mean anyone not fortunate enough to be middle class deserve all the prejudice? okay. They're just lazy bums. All hail the prosperous empire.
Didn't black mirror have an episode eerily similar to this, with people using an app to check on the "status" of people around them?
Fuck EVERYTHING about this Chinese social bullshit.
"Nosedive" is the name of the episode
Port it to the US, it'd be simple, just make it a static screen that says yes.
China is killing the dystopia industry because it's bringing all the ideas into reality before they can be written about.
This app is just going to let you locate homeless people and children. They will be circled in green while everyone else will be red. Carrying debt is a pretty integral part of modern society. Mortgage, car payments, light credit card debt - these are all totally normal things.
Christ I can barely believe these headlines as of right now, imagine how fucked up things will be in another 10 years after the social credit system is rooted so far into their society that there's no way back for future "DLC"
There was also the MeowMeowBeenz episode of Community where the school turns into a dystopia over a social rating app.
In the US and Canada, sure. I don't think either of the two of us understand what economic life is like in China, or what kind of debts this app focuses on.
I'd say the West in general to be fair.
I really hate when people compare 1984 to the Chinese government because i'm pretty sure they looked at the book quite some time ago and said "Pfft fuckin' amateurs".
if they keep fucking over their people like that I imagine the overall discontent will turn unsustainable, it will only bring chaos in economics and social structures. Maybe
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