• Valve's Artifact drops to below 1,000 players two months after release
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/5898ce81-770f-4a10-9494-3426f92d7c21/image.png The statuses of the mobile port and the million dollar tournament are unknown. The game's recent reviews are in the Mostly Negative category, only 51% of all reviews are positive. For comparison: https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/15a8d95e-e671-43f9-b19e-84ef555d744a/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/e3a347e8-850e-4e14-a6ef-7f3365eaa1ed/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/612478d4-9319-49a6-b613-76b918bcdbba/image.png
I assume the reason they've barely touched the game since it launched is because they saw the writing on the wall really quick and are converting it into F2P. Because if they aren't, and they've actually given up on the game, this has to be the most embarrassing failure in the company's history.
Its bad, even as a generic magic card game. Even if I dont hate valve, im glad this blundered.
It should have never existed. They should have known it was coming from the reaction at its announcement.
I own this game, somehow. I definitely didn't pay for it, but it's in my Steam library. Did they hand it out to people who'd bought a Valve complete pack or something? I remember having to pay for Portal 2, so if they did, that's a sign. I'm still not gonna play it, just because of how bad the monetization is. They brought Richard Garfield in to build it, he knows game design, and they at least say their goal was Magic levels of strategic depth, minus the rules baggage that can make actual Magic hard to get into. Maybe I ought to restart work on that TCG I was designing a few years ago, move it to digital and make it... whatever the word for "the exact opposite of F2P" is. Pay money, you get the game, infinite copies of all cards to build decks with and as many drafts as you want to play. Maybe make new expansions cost more money (but separate matchmaking), and maybe - maybe - have card scarcity for cosmetics, like the "foil" cards have limited quantity and have to be bought, traded for, or won as a draft/tournament reward. I definitely feel like there's room in the market for an anti-F2P TCG.
How the mighty have fallen.
So I guess it really was Ricochet 2
Damn, sad but true.
Ricochet is actually fun though.
https://puu.sh/CDqOs/15be91ac76.png My dream has come true.
I guess there's just a complete lack of interest for a Dota card game. I wonder how well these numbers would change if it went free to play like Hearthstone. How many players would it realistically gain after the initial population jump from people trying it out? I was curious how well it did on twitch and the numbers are far more bleak then what I imagined. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/237438/5e0cfcc1-8acd-4077-af39-7dbf0d2e9c0e/intense competition.png I know it's not a good comparison because Hearthstone is Free to play. I imagine if Artifact went F2P they might get at least a couple thousand players, how many Dota fans are actually interested in Artifact?
Shoutout to Slay the Spire in the OP, an actual good game that has no micro-transactions. It just released and as someone who played the game extensively in its early stages up until now, I'd say its great. For those who don't know what it is, its a single player roguelike card game. Sounds weird, but in practice its really fun for both short and long sessions. Plus, the devs approve of modding and are generally just champs, up until release it got an update a week, and its still getting free updates post release too (just on a longer schedule).
I can't judge Artifact for it's gameplay because I didn't played much, but economy on the other hand... I think one of the main reasons for Artifact's failure was Valve's dead set on it being digital trading card game. First they had to deal with all potential gambling issues (remember CSGO skins?), so they decided to just remove your ability to TRADE cards, and only left option to buy/sell them from market, which was the laziest and worst solution imo. Second, they needed cards to keep their market value. And that was the biggest issue. That meant you can just give free packs for daily wins, and pay2enter modes have super stiff payouts. Really stiff payouts. Someone on reddit calculated that for every 64$ put into system, game payouts 58$ in prizes (Why even take those 10%?). Also that meant that you dont wan't to nerf any cards, and valve even stated multiple times that there will be no nerfs, and their main way of balancing will be through new cards. But guess what? Game had some really broken cards and people in closed beta told Valve about them, but valve never touched them during 9 months of beta. And once game was released, majority of player base pointed out to those broken cards. And behold, Valve nerfed them, ruining their market price in the process. And set a precedent. Now you can't buy some really strong cards in hopes that they will retain their market value, because at some point they can get nerfed. How much does Artifact cost? - and this is what we get at the end. Estimated value of a 2$ pack is 0.8$, which is really bad because artifact's pay2play modes prizes are paid out in packs.
God fucking lord. That is is just a shitty model for so many different reasons.
Kinda makes me want to play Day of Defeat. Kinda miffed there isn't a new adaptation like there was with Counter Strike but I understand the reasoning.
Before the game died the cost was over $200
man this game probably actually could've blown up if valve didn't pull a bethesda tier marketing strategy
Literally my biggest issue with artifact from the moment it was announced. I play MTG and have constantly praised online card games for getting rid of the secondary market altogether - it artificially increases the price of the game by a significant margin. What broke the camel's back on this one is the fact that they also implemented it terribly like you said, creating a garbage fire for the eons for the genre.
I prefer to think of Artifact in the other sense of the word: an anomaly, one that will be promptly forgotten. In a few years if you mention Artifact people will say 'Arti what now?' and go about their day.
It's not like Valve are missing out on profit or anything. They can do what fucking ever and bathe in money, thanks to Steam. So don't expect Valve to start listening.
How about those EPIC and Discord stores? Maybe Valve should fire their developers if the only games they're going to make going forward are flops.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210793/2bed705c-3d34-4242-8504-12cf98949ae1/fe00q4jfqjt01.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/210793/6e2a9534-6065-40da-aa43-ba8ed541399b/1123.png
On the positive side, Artifact is the second most popular card game based off Warcraft characters.
Artifact? What artifact? Is this another one of Valve's ARGs?
it would have done fine if they didn't annihilate the base of people that did want to play it with the worst microtransaction model I've ever seen
Makes me want to replay HL2
Love Steam stats numbers. Resident Evil 2, a fantastic old-school single player title which is the current technological marvel has a higher player count than some MP titles and Artifact's steady decline into untraceable fragments is bringing me a lot of joy in player's taste and thirst for good games without the typical BS associated with games today (I.E Microtranscations) Can Artifact drop even lower?
TF2 is in a coma because of this game. I hope it burns.
Going by player counts, I think Artifact is in coma
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