• Discord’s lax policy on furry ‘cub content’ leads to user outcry
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I don't even wanna know
Those damn Fursuiters
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/224422/e6d7a324-0d0b-4e71-8289-78cef34be637/putin sends furries to god.jpg
It's not like the Trust and Safety team has any bias towards furries or anything... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGJhITr7190
yeah, and hes still banned for this bullshit, and finally said an email that boiled down too "some users on your discord got together and raided other discords without you knowing, and its your fault, so ban still stands" Also, I'm not like the Discord staff at all when it comes to ANYTHING furry related.
BTW, Tencent is investing heavily into Discord and there were already some serious security and privacy concerns. Personally, I'm not okay using a chat program funded by China which is probing my computer and the creators being lax with this furry shit.
you can't have one or the other, I'm pretty sure cub falls into the same category no matter how much you try to spin it. either you allow it or you don't. Discord support staff is really inconsistent.
Discord's Trust & Safety team is a furry hivemind/circlejerk [1], so of course they'll ban loli and shota but not cub. “There is some overlap between ‘cub’ and loli. I want to make clear that if such content falls into the loli camp — which is to say, sexualization of human or humanoid minors — it’s still banned. [...] But, as far as I’ve seen on Discord, there is also some segment of “‘cub’ art that is not, in fact, human or humanlike at all [...] This content is significantly greyer, which is why there isn’t a blanket ban on all content that could conceivably fall under the umbrella.” This is complete bullshit and they know it. Literally any anthro in the furry fandom can convey the same feelings as any human character, including underage ones, they're just pulling the "not human" card to get away with it. It's not a blanket ban if you're being selecting with it - it's literally loli/shota but with furry characters instead, like, come on. The fact that the Trust & Safety team is full of furries and they allow cub but not loli or shota speaks a lot of what kind of individuals they are.
Yuck, going back to MSN then.
Doesn't surprise me in the tiniest. There's an assload of cubfurs on there who are so blatantly open about their shit. One even tried to groom me into drawing that crap for him. I didn't give him an inch and he quietly ignored me. Good luck getting rid of them though. Especially if the support team is pulling mental gymnastics to get their way.
Escargot MSN Server
time to go back to irc
Discord's moderation strikes me as suspiciously lax on pedophiles. Not so long ago, I found a """gaming""" chat which was designed to draw in unsuspecting teens to groom them. The staff and trusted members were sending them porn and ERPing with them, and encouraging them to post and discuss porn in the NSFW area. I reported it, and all they were told to do is delete the NSFW chat. The pedophiles deleted the server to take off the heat and made a second one, which proceeded to immediately do the exact same thing, which was not dealt with in any way despite being reported by me, several of my friends and even some new invitees. I had assumed that this was a one off mistake, but when I bring this up I occasionally get a similar story from someone else. It's very odd and telling of their priorities that harmless interserver drama is bannable, but twenty year olds trying to molest thirteen year olds is not.
To be fair the anti-loli/shota rule makes sense in light of legal liability. They have servers all over the place, many in countries that have explicitly banned it. They don't want to get caught with that shit cached on those servers so it's in their best interest to ban it outright.
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/214563/e2bcb8c3-5e25-428f-a2f3-a4cb7ec57a00/image.png When your diaperfur discord is so important that u commit career suicide
someone posted here the other day about some discord-like thing with decentralized servers that looked pretty cool. anyone know what it is? i'd move back to hosting my own TS3 server but i got sick of that antiquated pos software.
Wasn't that Riot?
that's the one, thanks
Ripley was right to be concerned about Bishop http://cdn-static.denofgeek.com/sites/denofgeek/files/styles/insert_main_wide_image/public/2016/06/bishop-flying.jpg?itok=m096Vdcg
A relatively large amount of their staff are apparently furries, which would explain a lot. On top of Discord being shady as shit regarding other stuff, is this the beginning of TeamSpeak's return?
I’ve been trying to get a few of my personal servers to switch over to teamspeak for ages now. Discord as a whole is sketchy as shit
I know this is mainly a joke but isn't the next best competitor to Discord something like Slack?
Ok fuck Tencent and fuck anyone who gets involved with them. I will create my own Discord with blackjack and hookers if that's what it takes to be free of them.
cub has the same problem with loli of "where do you draw the line, how do you enforce this" except even worse, with the addendum that it's not even really illegal anywhere the way loli is. With loli at least you can say "OK she has a flat chest, we're going to count that as underage" but with cub you have the issue of, yeah there are some examples where the characters are clearly underage because of context, and then there are other examples where the characters are just "cute" and I imagine get marked on e621 or whatever as cubs even if the artist intended them to be adults. This goes especially when digimon or pokemon are involved because characters that are unevolved can canonically be adults. You can't do the "breast test" because a lot of furries don't have breasts at all because, you know, they're animals. I wouldn't disagree with enforcing a cub porn ban because it's disgusting, but it seems like it'd be hard to enforce, especially among a community of moderators who aren't furries.
We can't let god do all the work.
Wasn't this one of the worries when they released that "You can't sue us update?" Someone had pointed out that the people that made Discord made some phone messaging app and it had been sold off to a chinese company.
ah yes the furry equivalent of 'but they're really a 10k year old magical girl'
So when are we making the FP mumble server
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