• Lawsuit claims Purdue Pharma pushed OxyContin disregarding safety & addiction
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Opioid crisis In one email, Richard Sackler, a former president of Purdue, personally directed sales representatives to push doctors to prescribe extremely high doses of opioids, according to court documents. The lawsuit argues that the Sacklers falsely blamed patients for the dangers of opioids; pushed them on older people without disclosing the higher risk; constantly tried to persuade doctors and others to prescribe higher doses, especially the extremely profitable 80-milligram tablet; and continually returned to doctors who were vastly overprescribing OxyContin to encourage them to hand out more. In 2014, Purdue laid plans to become an “end-to-end pain provider” that could provide drugs to both treat pain and then addiction, but abandoned the effort. Steve Miller, the chair of Purdue’s board of directors, said members of the Sackler family “are good people and their history of philanthropy is truly admirable."
Wow, not surprised honestly. The recent news that they also heavily considered getting into the "anti-addiction" market too because of this shit. Fucking scumbags.
Purdue and companies like them have drug empires on par or far larger than dealers like Chapo but get away with it through a veil of legitimacy
execute the sacklers
Legal drug dealers. Definite scum of the earth.
These are the people who are the cause of drug related crime, because of their for profit only no matter the cost to the rest of society mentality. fuk em up, hit em where it hurts them the most, their pockets
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