• Liam Neeson admits in interview to wanting to exact revenge for his friends rape
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this makes me so ANGRY I'm fucking shaking with anger I really want to kill Liam Neeson [Ten Years Later Breaking News and I am on there ] "Yeah about 10 years ago Liam Neeson said he wanted to kill a Black man before and that made me so angry that I really wanted to kill Liam Neeson. I walked around looking for Liam Neeson or even anyone that looked like Liam Neeson, ready to kill this guy. I realize how awful it was wanting to kill a man I never even met, but it was a dark time and i'm over that period of my life." [An angered person on McFlapper (the new social media platform) clicks off their wireless VR headset which they had been watching the news on] OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this makes me so ANGRY I'm fucking shaking with anger I really want to kill this Facepunch user Nutsack [Ten Years Later] "So you wanted to kill some dude on a forum?" "Yea." [Response] OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (angrier while being infinitely louder and whinier) [Ten Years Later] All communication has ceased to exist since everybody had the chance to endanger somebody else's life with their words, so all infants from 2040 on were removed of vocal cords and everybody just fucks all the time for basically no reason.
I don't know if you've been to Ireland where I'm assuming this happened but there's not many black people there
The only point i've been trying to make is that America just isn't old enough to have an adult conversation about this. It's like listening to a well-meaning 14-yearold trying to teach adults the point of their own teachable-moment infused anecdote. Like, how dense do you have to be to take the moral lesson someone else is sharing with the class and try to turn it back on them? How self-important can an entire country feel? It's just baffling... and noisy. This used to be a quiet neighborhood.
https://www.facebook.com/thedailyshow/videos/615436418885605/ Trevor Noah's weighed in.
wtf you record father getting beat up instead of help ?
did denmark have this conversation when I wasn't looking?
The Trevor Noah and John Barnes bits are okay, but they're still not hitting the mark. It really shows how big the cultural disparity is between Northern Ireland and the rest of the Anglosphere. They're still viewing it as a racialised indictment, which I can understand from their viewpoint, but it isn't accurate. I wish Liam Neeson would have elaborated more, but I think the attitude he had imprinted upon him by NI society is so engrained that he isn't even aware of how to articulate it. For me, the giveaway was in the interviews when he said he knew people "involved" in the Troubles. That was the key point in his interviews where I knew where the conversation was going. That to me says he knew paramilitary members, or affiliates of paramilitaries, who were the ones carrying out reprisal killings. I didn't even consider the notion that people outside NI would construe it as a racially motivated attack.
if we're keeping this "america is a 14 year old" I think these awkward discussions about race and gender are good because it means society is on the path twords gaining a better knowledge about these issues. Just think about sexual assault. 40 or 50 years ago, that word didn't exist.
It's additionally complicated by someone who isn't actually racist likely not viewing it in black and white terms too. If Neeson isn't a racist then it's unlikely he would innately consider the idea that incidentally targeting black men would be construed as racist because it's just that, incidental. The culprit was a black man so the people he was considering possible targets were black men because that was the logical conclusion to come to regardless of his desire for revenge being wrong.
they're not hitting the mark because the US's sphere is so focused on race it's spread into everything I watched the video of Rogan and Harris posted above and the latter put it best: if Liam's friend had been raped by a cop, he'd have gone around looking for any cop to kill. It's instrumental violence but just because it happened to be a black person the media thought it could spin it as a racist story
It's sad how toxic our society has become. People can't share their experiences without having it misconstrued to be spun by the media. Plus with social media so many are willing to condemn anyone with the slightest allegation without actually looking into and forming an intelligent judgement. How can we grow if we cannot share our personal experiences with the hopes people can learn from them, whether it be a wrong doing/thought? If my parents never shared their terrible experiences in life, I may have made the same mistakes they had, which is what I believe how we should view Neeson's story; a bad time in his life, his unbridled anger, but also his realization of his wrong doing and learn from that. I could see if this was last week that Liam Neeson was walking around looking for a "black bastard." But this was 40 years ago, and something he admitted being remorseful of. People change. The way things are going, no one will say anything with the fear of being misinterpreted and crucified by others. And whenever we have a wrong thought, we'll just bottle it up in fear rather than seeking help.
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