• TF2 Youtuber Comes Back After Faking Own Death in 2015
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I got my hopes up so much. All I have is sadness and disappointment now...
Man, when I read the headline I was hoping it was kitty.
Uh it ranks pretty high on the "list of really fucked up behavior towards your supportive community", which is what we're talking about, but sure move the goal posts wherever you want my dude.
Pour one out for those who are actually gone.
Even if it was kitty, it would be really fucking gross to fake your own death from an incurable disease just to get your 5 minutes of Internet Fame.
I'm sorry, I get your point but some people are just not interested in that.
What goal posts? You make it sound as if this is some horrible, terrible thing to have done but the dude just wanted to leave YouTube and not have a bunch of people constantly bothering him to come back. You say this is a really terrible thing to do and I say it's not really that big of a deal. Kinda shitty yes, but no not high on the "list of really fucked up behavior towards your supportive community". Nobody was harmed by this, nobody was exploited out of this, I'm not really sure he even profited from this. Stop being so sanctimonious.
Yeah, totally not a heartbreaking experience or anything to see someone you care about die or anything. What is this "grief" bullshit, never heard of it. Like even if it's someone you're a fan of, come on dude, you have to have seen how heartbreaking it is to so many people when big, beloved names die. Look how the internet reacted when Stefan died, or TotalBiscuit, or Robin Williams, or Stephen Hillenburg. I legit fucking cried when Billy Herrington died. This shit matters, and it's taken so likely that you can just fake this bullshit for a prank and expect to not get seriously shit on.
I've never once been that emotionally attached to someone I didn't personally know so that's not really something I can sympathize with.
What a scumbag, here's hoping that's the last anyone hears of him.
Oh calm down. This isn't like those cases in the slightest. He made one video at the end which he eventually made private where he said he had a terminal illness and that was it. Nobody announced his death or anything. There wasn't an outpouring of emotional support from everyone in the community. He just slowly died like a lot of TF2 youtubers back from 2013-2015, it's just he left it ambiguous if he actually died or not as a prank and a convenient way to let himself stop making videos in a very permanent way. Don't get me wrong he's a cunt, but acting like this was an incredibly terrible thing is just stupid. At the end of the day, at worst, a couple people's grief was misplaced. Woop de fucking do. I seriously doubt they actually care about it and are just glad he's back.
Twitter being savage rn https://twitter.com/Thatoneguyousa1/status/1093323202200305665
I'm far from the most empathetic person in the world, but it doesn't take a christ-like capacity for compassion to understand that people not in your immediate vicinity are still people that exist somewhere.
Not feeling actual grief to the point you cry tears doesn't mean you don't recognize there are people elsewhere.
When I saw the article, I was hoping it was Kitty who faked it. Yeah it would have sucked, but I'd rather be pissed at him for doing it and him moving on with his life vs. him being gone forever. I'm actually glad this guy is alive too, even though it was stupid to do. I hope his life is going well..
Faking a terminal illness seems like a terribly insensitive thing to do considering all the people today afflicted with Ligma.
What's terminal illness?
Terminal nuts.
This is such a messed up thing to do, but tbh if a YouTuber I liked 'died' then came back years later with a 'lol jks' video, I probably wouldn't be too mad depending on my attachment to them. Id be happy I'm able to watch them again, I guess. I suppose that's 'encouraging' this messed up behaviour, but it's not like he lied to his loved ones and traumatized anyone over this.
To be honest, I would rather Kitty remain this GMod saint who was tragically taken from us too soon, rather than finding out he was actually some insensitive douche who messed with the feelings of his fans. It would be better for him to be dead yet live on inside us through the impacts he made, rather than the other way around.
with all this negative publicity now he'll wish he actually was dead lol
I think the most disappointing thing to come out of this is how lots of people are defending him and are accepting his, quite frankly, shitty apology. It goes to show how much shit you can get away with once you have a "fanbase" of some kind. If he had any decency left he should have just left the TF2 community and focus on something else. I don't honestly know who this guy was before this major fuckup but one thing's for sure and that is that I will not waste my time now on such an awful content creator.
I really don't understand what's to be outrage about if what has ensued is much to a relief than a harmful revelation. What an unforgiving environment. "you really shouldn't lie about this and play with people's heart but I'm glad you're alive, you wank." Is more than suffice. He isn't scamming some insurance company or public donation.
Faking death because you're too much of a wuss to deal with the backlash of actually taking a break from YouTube is practically an act of shoving your problems onto your viewers. It's absolutely unacceptable, and I'd love if it's a violation of YouTube TOS.
You know, I forgot about Kitty, I used to watch his videos and never really kept up with him. I'm genuinely sad he's gone, his lolxdrandom humor was just a bit over the top but his videos were still well made.
There was no reason to drop the stupid fucking virtue signaling quip at the end but it shows just how little he cares and undermines the rest of the video. What an asshole.
...shoving their problems onto their viewers? I don't get it. It isn't suddenly the viewer's responsibility to care for his channel or funeral and whatnot, unless there's actual damage caused (events cancelled, memorial, fraud, escape arrest, etc) then it is ultimately rather inconsequential. I'm not stating that this selfish act for short-term fame isn't injudicious, fame often do hold some level of responsibility and influence, but as long this behavior isn't being reinforced I don't see why the level is disdain and liability is justified beyond mob justice mentality.
It seems he thought he could use death as an excuse to quit YouTube I.e. he wanted to avoid the backlash of just stopping So instead he fakes his deah, upsetting and causing grief to thousands of followers All because he didn't want to be bothered by his fans when he quit If you're unable to see the problems with this, I don't know what to tell you.
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