• EA claims Apex Legends saved the company.
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https://www.cnbc.com/2019/02/08/ea-soars-after-its-fortnite-competitor-quickly-reaches-10m-players.html Electronic Arts would have lost more money if they hadn't have another game to generate more money.
There is nothing in the article to suggest that anyone has declared the game to have "saved the company". I think the title is a little editorialized.
Am I the only one who had never heard of this game prior to, like, yesterday? I just saw it blowing up everywhere, with people saying "Woahhhh I can't believe Apex is doing so well", as though they just presumed everyone knew what the hell that was. Am I completely out of the loop, because, in my eyes, this game simply fell out of the sky overnight.
Maybe now they'll grow a brain cell or twoand put more faith in Respawn, and also maybe not release the next Titanfall installment in-between motherfucking Battlefield and Call of Duty.
It came out a few days ago
I mean, it kind of did. No marketing until the weekend before the announcement, only super early leak was dismissed as a joke by everyone, playable on announcement. And then it sort of caught fire.
I am aware of that much. I meant that people are typically aware of games before they came out, even if only a tinsy bit. But the huge buzz around this game only seems to have generated after it came out, hence why I was thrown off-guard by the sudden influx news about this game that I had absolutely zero knowledge about until yesterday.
It was announced and released on the same day.
It is a good game though, with a fairly decent monetization scheme that dosen't require you to buy in.
I'l give them credit for that, it is free to play after all, you can have all of the scams you want as long as it's free.
You could say it had a titanfall
Don't worry, they'll fuck it up hard somehow.
This might have guaranteed a Titanfall 3 at least.
It did. Unlike all the more recent battle royales, the main barriers to entry aren't present. Inventory management is a vital skill to learn in most battle royales and this game stream lines it to the point where it become second nature. It is incredibly simple to manage attachments on weapons. One of the big frustrations with battle royales in a team setting is one player gets knocked out very early. This game fixes that by giving the team an opportunity to get that player back into the game with the respawn banner system. These two factors set the game apart from other games in the genre. Decent enough gunplay on top of being a free battle royale are enough to get people to try the game to say 'Hey, this game is better than I expected'. Queue their friends downloading the game, doing the same, telling their friends and suddenly everyone knows about the game. That and EA paid like 20 streamers to stream the game and most of them gave it positive feedback, despite a few bugs.
good. its a good game. people should be rewarded for doing good things.
It's a DAMN good game. They did this one right.
Damn I literally said in the other thread it may be a good time to buy up stock when it plummeted.
While I'm happy for Respawn, I am also concerned that EA will now see them as a cash cow and milk them dry, then shut them down, like the rest of these killed off studios.
The opposite, actually, if anything Respawn will probably be given less creative freedom if Apex succeeds.
Its got a good game and has fair monetization in it because EA had nothing to do with it. https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/02/04/respawn-says-ea-had-no-hand-in-the-development-of-apex-legends
I still suck at the genre; but playing with some people tonight it does feel like the best in the genre so really good for Respawn. I hope if it becomes a big success it earns them some leeway to do what they want in the future. Bioware meanwhile looks posed to be brought out to the chopping block unless Anthem manages to meet EA's sales expectations.
I won't play Apex until they put wall-running and the rest of the Titanfall 2 movement options back in the game.
honestly there's a fair chance that'll happen in the form of a character, even if it just ends up being a temporary "install" ultimate
Who knows what it will be like though, TItanfall did its own thing and was two fantastic games that underperformed, then suddenly Respawn makes this more coddish battle royale and it's doing gangbusters On one hand they might not hold on to what makes Titanfall great now that they know it won't make money, on the other they might be more inclined to take risks now that Apex Legends is printing money for them
I feel like the game could have felt really special if they left in all the Titanfall movement abilities and titans. Imagine a battle royale with titans. It would have been badass.
im willing to bet it'll eventually go the way of rainbow six siege initially the publisher had nothing to do with it but once they realize how much money its making, they will get involved and things spiral downwards from there
Or at least kept Respawn alive a little longer.
same thing happened for battlefield. Dice asked for hands off when Dice LA had to fix the game, and it turned out great. Good titles come out of EA the less EA puts their hands on them. Respawn used their own business intelligence to be able to drive the game into the right direction, and this title could be used to show how much better they can monetise a game better than EA's marketting intellects can, as they drive dice and SPORT games into the ground
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