• SonicFox, the gay, furry, esports player of 2018, sounds off and won’t stop
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I can't tell if people just refuse to see the point, or do it purposefully. There is a difference between living life and sexuality = personality. You wanna know why? Sexualities are not descriptive adjectives. Be as free as you so damn please, be as wild as you want, but doing it all under the pretense of "I do it because I'm gay, and my sexuality puppets my actions" is where people consider it unnecessary. Why does your sexuality have to determine your personality? Why can't you live life without using your sexuality as a reasoning? Straight, gay, bi etc. is what you are, not who you are. But then people like SonicFox throw that out the window because he's gay, a furry, obnoxious about both, and, uh..............did I mention he's gay? He's also gay.
You can do it all you want, but don't be surprised when people call you stupid. My issue with him is he just throws away all criticism at him being homophobia and people just not liking the fact that he's gay. He's using it as a shield to hide behind.
I don't think many people feel this way at all. I've never ever encountered an attitude like you're describing and I've been pretty deep into some gay social circles being a trans lesbian myself. Maybe it comes across that way, but a lot of flamboyantly gay people are just... really, really proud to be out and loud about it. And I understand why. It's a wonderfully freeing feeling getting to express my sexuality when I'm occasionally allowed to. Sexuality doesn't determine your personality. But being loud and proud about it can be a big part of it, and that's okay, as long as it brings happiness to you. Sonicfox seems very happy with how he expresses himself and it doesn't hurt anybody so... why not? i'm not sure but he might be gay idk
Is he gay though?
And that's great, but don't be surprised if people find him loud, obnoxious and annoying. Just because people don't like him because of that, doesn't mean those people have underlying Homophobia. It just HAPPENS that he is gay in this context.
You can really do it if it really brings you happiness, but doesn't mean it can't be annoying as fuck to other people (since most people dont give a shit what your sexuality is)
Honestly, I think this is the best example, and it should have been brought up 9 pages ago. You know that joke "How do you find the vegan in the group? Don't worry, they'll let you know"? I feel like it's pretty safe to assert that most people can understand why that joke works, because we all either have heard or at least heard of those stereotypical vegans who go out of their way to incessantly make a point of the fact that they're vegan. And people find the joke funny because they find those kinds of people obnoxious and pretentious. They're not the butt of that joke because they're vegan. They're the butt of that joke because they're obnoxious. Put another way, these people act like being vegan is their personality. They have no nuance, no depth to them. It's just "I am vegan" and that's it. They act like a cardboard cut-out created by a hack of a writer who doesn't really understand why people choose to be vegan. When people say "being gay isn't a personality," this is exactly what they mean. Take all of the above and replace the word "vegan" with "gay". Everything still applies. In fact, you can replace the word "vegan" with anything - like, for example, metalhead. This is something that probably won't be as universally recognized as the vegan joke, but anyone whose been around in the online metal communities all knows that kind of person who has their nose so stuck up in the air about "X band doesn't play real metal!" No one gives a shit about the fact that SonicFox is gay. The problem people have with him is the fact that he (apparently) acts like that's the most important about him. Personally, I think the idea of treating one's sexuality as their personality is demeaning to themselves. Reducing yourself to just "I like dick" or "I like pussy" is a disservice - everyone is a wonderfully, beautifully complex human being full of quirk and nuance. No one should reduce themselves to just a single adjective.
It was, it's literally on the front page.
Fair. It should have been brought up more often, because obviously the people who got in a tizzy about this didn't bother to read the thread, and as such, didn't see it.
Well since it's on the first page, I assumed they did because it's the first page.
Of course, since such people actually exist, you're going to have to give those hack writers some credit. They nailed it.
lmao what the fuck 10 pages of dumbass discussion on some esport player because he is obnoxious Side note, can someone explain to me how being a "Furry" is not a mental illness? I'm genuinely curious to know, cause it has all the hallmarks of a mental illness. It's something I've never understood people defending not seeing a therapist over.
Could you expand on that? "Mental illness" is a really broad category to claim furries have all the hallmarks of. Which mental illness in particular are you talking about?
I think you should start with clarifying what exactly makes it is a mental illness in your eyes.
I find furries extremely weird too, but don't you think dismissing them as 'mentally unwell' is presumptuous?
there's definitely some mental illnesses going on in the furry community though, the lengths some of them will go when rejected are insane
Whoa there, a mental illness is generally something that causes significant problems functioning in a society. Being a furry literally just means that you’re a fan of anthro, whether you roleplay in costumes or merely browse art. I could maybe understand if you were talking about otherkin, but despite the overlap they‘re this whole other category of people. Furry is a fandom, and fandoms have their enthusiasts, perverts, and even those with mental illness; because fandoms consist of human beings. Unless you want to be more specific, that’s all there is to the average furry, or any subculture that shares a simple interest.
Ah so furry is just cosplay but furry animals for some reason? Where is the line drawn between that and the furry fetishes / personality disorders that are often depicted in the mainstream? Otherkin are an example of that?
Only like the first page was about that really. The rest were picking apart these ...interesting hot takes. Like so.
got any spicy examples?
I was asking a question? I didn't realize there was a destinction between otherkin and "conventional" furries.
From now on every post I make I will force the topic of me being straight into it.
Otherkin is indeed an example of "species dysphoria." Wikipedia will also tell you that fursuiting is merely one expression of furry fanaticism—most people just like the art. As for the fetish, it's prominent in the fandom; however, the overwhelming majority depicts furries as mostly human anatomically, and completely human psychologically.
Most furries, at least from experience, are nothing like that "On all levels but physical, I am a wolf" guy, and instead simply like uwu cute furry personas & just wolves (etc.) in general. I consider it a particularly passionate interest / hobby but, of course, for every crowd you have a smaller scattering of um, how do I say this nicely, absolute freakazoids.
I too feel the need to constantly re-affirm my love for penis/vagina, as I am very secure in my sexuality.
Uhhhh I was talking on the common ambient between gamers, not at the touraments ( which indeed they have done a good job keeping clean of these behaviours, at least in public ).
Literally the only times I've seen gamer words as you call them related to fighting games is when a twitch stream gets popular enough that it attracts people not usually in the community. There's a fuckton more openly trans and gay people in the FGC than any other esports scene, while the only one I can think out outside it, is Scarlett from SC2, where you really don't wanna be anywhere near the chat or comments whenever it's related to her.
I know I'm preaching to the crowd but I don't care, I hate people like SonicFox so much. People who are so lacking of any personality traits and achievements that they cling on to anything that might separate them from the masses. These people would actually be hurt if we reached true equality, since then their differences would no longer make them exotic/dangerous/interesting/whatever. The worst part is that they'll take anything. Their gender, sexual orientation, some rare sickness... And then they yell as loud as they can and make everyone sick of them and anyone like them. Harmful, toxic and absolutely worthless.
Not to mention most of those people who are shitting on LGBT people in the Twitch chat, surprisingly, really probably don't hate LGBT people in real life. Twitch culture just sees a popular meme/joke and perpetuates it, even if that joke is harmful. Hell, I even have some trans friends who joke about hating other trans people in the "typical" manner you'd probably expect bigots to if you have no social experience. Hell, look at the popularity of the "I'm going to say the n-word" joke going around. Do you think every young kid who spouts that meme online is a racist? If so, then holy shit, we've got a fucking epidemic of bigotry going on in our youth that we seemingly don't care about. However, the real answer is, these kids more than likely aren't racist. They see a popular meme/joke, and just echo it. There's always more nuance and context to things to take into consideration. Jumping into everyone is "anti-this" because they said something is forgoing looking into that nuance. Now of course there will be outliers here (I legit used to know a trans person who only believes there are two genders and wasn't joking about saying that), but I would say they are the vast minority. People are typically pretty tolerant of one another unless you wrong them or are very annoying.
Ever since I heard the guy from ICP goes to furry conventions with his daughter it's basically all I think about when I hear about furries. Are they juggalos under those suits?
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