• Breaking Bad movie is a sequel following Jesse, directed by Vince Gilligan
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Jesse Pinkman is such a good character -- all of the main characters in Breaking Bad are amazing, quite frankly, and deserve their own show. I've always wanted to see more of Jesse -- what does he turn to after the series ends? How does he deal with all the horrific tragedies that he's had to suffer through in such a short timespan? What does that do to a man?
i'm glad they're doing this. When I watched the finale for the first time, I was worried to police would catch up to him before he would be able to claim freedom
I really liked how open-ended it was for Jesse with the finale, but I'm very excited to see how this goes. I've watched through the series about 4 times now... always happy to see more BB related stuff.
We already know what happens after, though. Need For Speed is already a movie.
IIRC, according to I think Vince or maybe one of the writers he gets clean, goes to canada, works in a woodshop.
I hope the movie is just two hours of Jesse being clean, comfortable, and happy. Can end with "Everything is A-OK!".
I thought The Path was the spiritual successor to Jesse Pinkman's story.
I thought about that as well, it'd be neat to have a ghost Walt
I am curious what they will do with this. Breaking Bad was going from good to bad. This one can either be going from bad to good, or otherwise something like addressing the division in of itself and painting everything grey.
I've always thought that he'd accidentally join a cult while trying to live out his life in a quiet town somewhere in like oregon or new england, then the pinkman would come out all at once
This is wonderful news, but I am a bit sad that it's a netflix deal. The thought of going to a movie theater to watch Breaking Bad would've been fucking awesome, but whatever, I get that shits expensive so I'll just take what I can get.
I want to watch it but sometimes I like to see shit end just like that. Breaking Bad had a perfect ending, while I'm sure Vince can do a damn good job I'm not sure how I feel about wrapping this up any nicer.
To be honest there wasn't a single character in Breaking Bad I found particularly lackluster or even mediocre, Gilligan's a genius
They've always been very Death of the Author about the show though, they usually only talk about stuff like in the language of 'I think this is what happens next'
don't netflix movies have some limited theater release?
This will be a bloody one
Chinese moveigoers wouldn't understand the lack of capes or cgi.
They're all well-written. Doesn't make me like them, though. I gave up watching the show midway through Season 3. Everyone's an insufferable cunt. I understand that's the point, but if I want to indulge myself in pointless drama with everyone being a whiny and/or screaming bitch and/or asshole, I'll just go to my parents' place and bring up politics. I don't need to voluntarily subject myself to that, so I just stopped watching it. Thankfully Better Call Saul avoided the "everyone is an insufferable cunt," with the characters actually being fun. Love the show to bits. Again, Breaking Bad's characters are well-written. It just so happens they're well-written in a way I don't like.
It's nice to have the details confirmed even though the outline of "the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom" made it obvious enough. I'm curious about when it will be set, Aaron Paul has aged well but it's been 11 years since BrBa's pilot and when last we saw Jesse he was supposed to be only a year older than that. He could be made to look a decade younger, but I can't forget the monstrosity of when ~51 year old Bob Odenkirk was supposed to be Jimmy/Saul aged 29: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/breakingbad/images/8/8e/Jimmy_1992.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/350?cb=20180826090003
I envisioned Jesse just driving off with all the money he had, with all the knowledge and know-how he needs to stay low-profile and just.. well, smoke pot, smoke lot.
jesse dont need no stinkin badger
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