• [RUMOR] Halo: The Master Chief Collection for PC reportedly “close to release"
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https://www.pcgamesn.com/halo-the-master-chief-collection-pc Take it with a FUCKING MASSIVE grain of salt but there's been rumors of some sort of Halo related PC development for while on top of 343 hinting at Halo related announcements later this month (though this is still speculated to be Reach for MCC).
I wanna play Hello 3 again
Please please deliver the whole thing and bonus if extra content.
$60 waiting patiently over here to go straight to you, microsoft
Day one buy no joje. Just hurry the fuck up
I'm sticking to my guns that the big announcement is Master Chief being gay
If it does can we carry over save data from the xbone? I dont wanna reunlock those emblems
I'll fuckin believe it when it's out and it's on my hard drive and I'm playing Pillar of Autumn in HD with those bad new sound effects
If it's a Play Anywhere, the save data should be grabbed from the cloud automatically. Even if it isn't a Play Anywhere I'd imagine it still would grab your Xbox save
No doubt about it, it’s gotta be play anywhere. If you bought it digital on Xbox One, you already have MCC for PC!
I haven't enjoyed a multiplayer FPS since Tribes Ascend. I will buy this day 1 if it comes out, especially with Forge on PC.
Looking forward to whatever the announcement is gonna be at SXSW. Also Infinite's gonna be at E3. Cautious optimism abounds.
Is Halo 3 for PC the new HL3? I really hope it's happening because it means I can put my planned XboxOne funds towards a new PC, but until it's actaully announced I'm not getting my hopes up for the 20th time.
What, you thought we were all waiting for Half Life 3? HL3 is obviously HaLo 3
I hope this is happening and that I don't have to repurchase the game. Even though I own the game on my Xbone, having it on PC would be so much more convenient (and with KB+M sprinkled on top pleeeeease?).
Microsoft is well aware that people want Halo on PC, and have wanted it for years. With 343 themselves having publicly said they'd like to put Halo on PC one day, this is the perfect opportunity to not only give fans of the series what they want, but also rake in millions in sales. I don't care if I have to re-purchase the games; I'd do it in a heartbeat.
As always, i'm pretty sure we're all overhyping it.
For christ sake I haven't even finished Halo 3, let me finish the fight already
Maybe, but these days it's nice to have something worth looking forward to.
I've looked forward to many things, and most of the time, if not ALL the time it's been false rumors, or not what you expect, ESPECIALLY things about halo.
Would people buy it if it was exclusive to Microsoft Store. I don't know if I would. The store is really bad, and it seems most of Microsofts own studio's games are exclusive to it.
Makes sense considering their next flagship Halo title is also coming to PC and they might want to bring as many new people to the franchise.
I've been in a weird mood lately where I want really good proper old-school SP action as sorta everything else kinda burned me out. No lite RPG mechanics, no open world, none of that shit. Just some good ol' linear romp. So please, MS, my wallet is ready.
if i had to choose between not playing MCC or playing MCC through their store, i would choose their store. id rather have something over nothing.
Now we just need Rare Replay on PC.
what are the chance I'll have to buy a new SSD just to fit the whole thing? I already have my steam collection.
MS sitting on a huge pile of cash.
i dont care if its a dumb uwp app, all i want is halo mcc. i need it
Been saying it for years, we're going to get Halo 3 on PC eventually. Same with all the other games, just a matter of when, not if.
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