• Tim Sweeney: Epic Storefront is nearly perfect for consumers
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https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-03-11-tim-sweeney-storefront-battle-will-be-won-with-developer-support "We're giving game developers and publishers the store business model that we've always wanted as developers ourselves," he said. "[The storefront model is] nearly perfect for consumers already...There is no hope of displacing a dominant storefront solely by adding marginally more store features or a marginally better install experience. These battles will be won on the basis of game supply, consumer prices, and developer revenue sharing."
Fuck off Tim of course you won't say anything bad about your own product
Mind blowing how much money fortnite made that it allowed Epic to make an ever growing dent in the PC games market. Or I wonder if they still would have tried all this without fortnite
Now we can say kids ruined pc gaming
Today I waited 45 minutes for a 128MB Fortnite update to finish downloading/installing. My network and disk were fine. Patching speeds in the Epic Launcher are generally always terrible, compared to Steam where they are lightning fast and always utilize 100% of my available resources (internet, disk read/write)
I heard some really bad shit about their refund policy a while back. Is it still worse than not having one at all?
Tim and Jim, think Epic is a win. While customer reviews, go into the bin.
it's a real shame that the one thing getting in the way of the perfect experience for game developers is the pesky consumer having "opinions" and "tastes" and "self-respect" instead of just blindly buying what's waved in front of them
or autistically shrieking at anything that is different/changed.
Yeah TIm and a barrel cactus covered in used heroine needles makes the perfect dildo right?
Even that is good from a consumer point of view. If a lot of people get upset over something all at once it's at least cause for you to investigate further. Sometimes it's dumb bullshit but a lot of the time it's due to the devs pulling some shit. Also, don't use autistic as a pejorative like that, it's unfair to autistic people.
Tim Sweeny further reinforcing how out of touch with reality he is.
Yeah fuck off. It's pretty clear their whole idea for the store is to favour devs/publishers over consumers, from removing ratings and comments to poaching games from other stores into exclusivity deals.
This has been Tencent's plan ever since they bought Epic Games. Fortnite was just a testbed for their multiplatform multiplayer technology they'll start shipping with the engine soon. Using their multiplatform multiplayer system will lock you onto the Epic Games services, you're going to be forced as a player to make an Epic Games account regardless of what platform you're playing on. Obviously you can support multiple online platforms yourself like Steamworks, Xbox Live, PSN, but you won't be able to support crossplay that way without spending a lot of time and money on developing it yourself, so indies/mid-level studios aren't going to bother because the implication with using Unreal Engine is gonna be that there's going to be crossplay out of the box. The current support the Unreal Engine has for Xbox Live and PSN will no longer be maintained(not that they're doing that now, it'll just get even worse). Epic Games has neglected the out of the box online functionality currently in the Unreal Engine on purpose so that a lot of current indie projects under development that'll release on console will switch over to the Epic Games system, forcing them to pay for the online services like server hosting, matchmaking. They've only announced that VoIP is going to be free, but they haven't mentioned that for any other online service yet.
It really sucks that Unreal Engine doesn't have any competition in it's class. CryEngine documentation and support is basically non-existant.
I remember back in unreal 1 there was a mod that made an ultra powerful enemy version of tim sweeny that would boast duke nukem lines and insta-gib everything within melee range. Tim Sweeny has always been a bit out of touch and a bit of a joke in the unreal community itself back in the day. Glad to see he's still reinforcing this trope
As far as I am aware it still lacks regional pricing, a kind of basic functionality in an international marketplace. And they only just deigned to add a search function to their store, some of the most basic functionality out there. Tim, your storefront is barely ready for testing, let alone consumer usage. Piss off.
When are these people going to realize that shilling doesn't work with PC gamers.
Doesn't it?
It took them 3 months to even add a basic search function.
It does have regional pricing, Metro Exodus is $50USD on the US Epic Store and $65USD on the Australian Epic store.
A great feature I found on the EGS was I didn't know if Slime Rancher had multiplayer, and their store page says nothing about players. Had to look on steam to find out it was a singleplayer game. Sure didn't bother to implement CAD for some reason. I couldn't even tell things were charging me with USD until I actually went to the purchase screen since they just leave the USD part out of the store page.
Or maybe people wouldn’t feel so bad about it if it operated how they marketed it. They market it with a refund policy that is falsely advertised. This has been proven by plenty of people who bought games and wanted a refund and were literally told by support “try the game again we aren’t giving you a refund”. It’s marketed as a replacement to Steam, even though it lacks 90% of the features of Steam. They are paying developers huge amounts of money just so that they use the store exclusively to release their games. Steam has never done this and it’s unfair to the consumer for them to do this. Imagine if Intel signed a deal with Nvidia that only let’s you use nvidia cards with intel cpus. Would hurt a lot of consumers. Epic Store won’t last and I hope it doesn’t last. They are completely unethical and immoral and I hope they as a company go bankrupt as they are negatively impacting the games industry as a whole. if you want to see how a games store should be run that isn’t Steam, go look at GOG. They don’t market themselves as an alternative to Steam, they just market themselves as exactly what they are, DRM free games.
Oh yeah, they charge in USD everywhere, they just make the price higher in places other than America because fuck us
its fine if you list it on multiple platforms but pulling stuff off steam and making it exclusive is a fucking annoying anti consumer practice, especially when the owner of epic is a chinese company who is in turn owned by the chinese government
If they're not better than steam then they won't replace steam or "negatively impact the games industry as a whole" (lmao). You know that epic makes the unreal engine, right? Intel signing a deal with Nvidia is a completely false parallel, as the software is free, and there are several ways to launch the games not from the epic store.
They are at least gonna negatively impact the PC Gaming industry if their "No Reviews, no forums, Developer > Consumer, etc" becomes a standard of how a digital store can work.
hes right guys, its so easy to launch games without the epic store: https://puu.sh/CYDyO/dbfdacb48a.png https://puu.sh/CYDAa/bc57c4cfb5.png hmmm https://puu.sh/CYDBF/96cac82a1a.png oh That's right, you fucking can't because epic bought the fucking rights. Wow oh great sks, tell me how this is great for the pc market.
Wow I didn't know the standards of launchers/storefront was set so low that whatever crap Epic has right now counts as "nearly perfect"
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