• Xcom-like Phoenix Point will be an Epic Store exclusive for one year
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Creator Julian Gollop says the deal ensures that Phoenix Point will be updated and expanded after release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmjFZMEoEZ0 https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/xcom-like-phoenix-point-will-be-an-epic-store-exclusive-for-one-year/ X-Com creator Julian Gollop has announced that his new game, the recently-delayed and very X-Com-like Phoenix Point, will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store in its first year of release. Gollop said that the deal means that "it is certain that we will be able to update and expand Phoenix Point for years to come."  Gollop acknowledges in the video that not everyone will be happy with the one-year exclusive, as they may have had "the expectation of playing it on a specific platform" when they backed it—understandably, since the first two questions in the Fig campaign FAQ still state explicitly that Phoenix Point will be on Steam and GOG. 
Xcom-like Phoenix Point won't be released until next year
Fuuuuuck off One less game for me to spend money on at least.
>Gollop acknowledges in the video that not everyone will be happy with the one-year exclusive moh money moh problems
https://www.pcgamer.com/tim-sweeney-microsoft-uwp-is-still-woefully-inadequate/ "Well, I should be very clear," Sweeney said. "The thing that I feel is incredibly important for the future of the industry is that the PC platform remains open, so that any user without any friction can install applications from any developer, and ensure that no company, Microsoft or anybody else, can insert themselves by force as the universal middleman, and force developers to sell through them instead of selling directly to customers. I’ve been selling games directly to customers since 1991 when I was mailing out floppy disks, and when you take that power away suddenly you have onerous certification processes, you have a distribution monopoly that tends to move towards an advertising-centric sales model." "Look at the experience of searching for a game on iOS now: the advertisements for the games you’re not searching for appear before the actual stuff you’re looking for, and it’s a real shame that we’ve let closed platforms get to that point. And we have a very small set of free platforms open now—there’s Windows, there’s Linux—and we’ve got to do everything we can to defend them."
Does this mean Epic is targeting indie developers for exclusivity deals?
that sweet sweet tencent bribery money
Also, if you backed and specifically said you wanted a Steam or GOG copy (the choices you were given) - Haha, fuck you. Backers only get an Epic store key, there is no option to wait and redeem a key after the 1 year exclusivity. So I did what they said people unhappy with this could do at the end of their FAQ over it and refunded.
Isn't the lower percentage they take coupled to exclusivity in general? Though itch has been offering that for a pretty long time via its configurable percentage system. You can actually set it to zero I believe, but that'd be scummy as hell.
pretty much, I bet they eat their share for an exclusivity clause
Ashen was one of the first games they signed, and there's a bunch of other indies already signed up for it.
Guess if I want to scratch that XCOM itch I'll just have to continue playing XCOM 2 for the next year. Throw as many free games as you want at people, Epic, you're not going to convince me to use your anti-consumer/anti-competition service.
I'd like to point out this game was crowdfunded. Good job shooting yourself in the foot.
People on their subreddit have been pointing out that Gollop’s company essentially got an interest free loan from his biggest fans for this via crowdfunding on Fig. And now he is taking Epic’s exclusivity money on top of it all? This is beyond scummy, this is miles more shady than what even happened with Metro. Fuck this guy.
They're pretty much targeting every notable upcoming release to try to swipe the rug out from underneath Steam's feet. They're being hyper aggressive and while it's kicking the industry in the pants to keep things from being easily controlled by Valve, Epic are the last assholes I want to see doing this sort of shtick right now.
meh whenever a company does this it makes me more indifferent to piracy of their product, since they're all so keen on fucking over their loyal customers
Fuck off
Really bad move. It worked for Metro Exodus to an extent because that's like a AAA multi-platform game, PC gamers unwilling to use the Epic Store are the only ones who're truly left out while there's probably millions who play on consoles, business as usual. With Phoenix Point being a predominantly PC game (Wikipedia also lists Xbone), while also being crowdfunded, I see this PR bomb legit capable of harming the game's chances to the point where Epic's money shot is pointless.
That is the second game that I really was looking forward too that gets one of these fucking exclusivity deals. Well fuck that I guess I wont get Phoenix Point for another year then
Fuck off Epic games and your anti-consumer bullshit by forcing year long exclusivity deals as you can't be bothered to properly compete with Steam, GOG, and other providers. Guessing alot of the backers will refund their purchase as they've lied about the game being on Steam and GOG. Guess I'll just play more XCOM 2 in the meantime.
has been since the store opened: https://www.gamewatcher.com/news/Epic-games-store-exclusives 23 games (but the division has uplay because ubisoft) so far have been bought out by epic for 1 year exclusivity.
Horse shit. I could live without Exodus, but I was actually really looking forward to Phoenix Point. Glad I didn't back it.
Honestly it's like he's painting a target on his game to encourage people to pirate it. I don't endorse it, but that's what some folks are going to do now. Either that or he better expect sales to be pretty low. Then again, do we know how well games sell on the Epic Store?
I was interested in this, it looks pretty good. Now I'm considering not buying it at all.
I really want to see sales figures from one of these deals someday
I've not been up to speed, so could someone explain to me whats all the fuss about regarding Epic Games?
Epic Games has been buying year+ long exclusivity for games, often on the eve of their release, even when those games were originally slated to come to Steam and other distributors. It's an anti-competitive practice that's forcing people to use Epic, or give up playing/buying the games that take Epic's cash (for at least a year.) The biggest issue was the sudden switch of Metro:Exodus to Epic, about 2 months before it would have released on Steam. Unlike this game, they are at least honoring pre-orders on Steam, while this game is dumping all promised Steam availability for an Epic exclusive deal.
ffs I was seriously looking forward to this game and I still refuse to indulge in Epic's bullshit bribery. Make your own fucking exclusive games instead of paying for them, its retarded and completely anti consumer.
Exclusivity stifles innovation, Epic can't be a true competitor to Steam until it offers an actually better program instead of choking their own ability to innovate by relying on these deals.
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