• Halo coming to the PC after nearly 12 years with the Master Chief Collection
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We have reached Nirvana. @343N was right, reply multiple times for multiple diamonds
Lets finish the fight
I already have the two best halos on my computer but this will be awesome for multiplayer
They mentioned more info on Sunday.
I am ready for a huge list of videos/comments about how Microsoft killed Xbox with that move.
Very exciting to see. Some of my most fun multiplayer gaming was done in Halo, whether with friends or otherwise. Legitimate fun. Fun with playing together in competitive public lobbies, fun in silly game modes, fun in Forge mode. I can't say that about too many game series.
"...each be available for individual purchase within MCC as they become available." this is the one thing I'm kind of worried about -- hopefully they don't expect to charge $60 for each release, not that I wouldn't be willing to pay it lmao and they're even bringing spartan ops holy fuck I loved the idea of them and was PISSED when my live subscription expired and I got locked out of single player content
Shadow of the Tomb Raider on Steam works for Windows 7 Of course if it uses that format they recently ported to Windows 10 insider build, don't expect it to be on Windows 7 at all
Guys, listen. Halo with online co-op on PC.
individual purchase? how much for each?
Microsoft really upping their game lately with game pass and now this. Sony could learn a thing or two.
It's not individual purchases, they are slowly rolling out each game so they are perfect, unlike the botched launch they had on Xbone
Now how long until someone jury-rigs a custom edition analogue for each game?
If it turns out to officially support Windows 7, I will happily admit that I was wrong and that I should've given Microsoft more credit, but I just can't imagine any reason for them to do it except putting in unnecessary effort to please Halo fans who can't/won't upgrade to 10. They have every incentive to make people move forwards to Windows 10. Like I'm not even thinking of them as evil grinches or anything, it makes the most business sense lol Right now the Steam store page simply says "Microsoft Windows" but until I specifically hear that includes Windows 7 I'm assuming it's Win10-exclusive. MS has pulled this same move too many times for me to give them the benefit of the doubt. Here's my face, Microsoft, get all that egg right here, I dare you. Make me eat these words.
Reminder that Halo 3 actually really finally came to PC before HL2Ep3 and Tool's new album happened (although the latter is a close contender).
Microsoft has been on a roll lately. Meanwhile Sony is doing jack shit.
I'm reserving my hype about this until I get word about whether or not people who already own the game have to buy it again. I'm not entirely keen on spending money on a game I literally just bought.
It's great in itself, but the fact it's not locked to just the Microsoft store is even better. So excited to play through Halo again
I've always been too young to have ever properly gotten into Halo, seems like I'll finally have my chance.
Halo: Reach was the shit back in the day. I don't think I put as many hours into any other competitive multiplayer game.
but the post on waypoint says "individual purchase" so ???
That's only for the xbox. PC gets the whole game
Wonder if they will bring forza motorsport games to steam now.
Someone unlock that fucking FPS... as a previous Xbox One X owner, 60 fps was great, but PC can do better!
does anyone know if the MCC version of Halo CE is the same as the anniversary edition on the Reach engine? that should mean, what, like a month or less between those releases, right?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/466/12d48fdf-9f43-40d4-99a6-e06643d53e09/image.png my baby has been dethroned
Well, I guess I don't really have an excuse anymore. I never got to play any of the Halo games. I did have an XBOX 360 but I felt I'd already missed out too much by not having the original XBOX so I never bothered. Since the 360 I only had Sony/Nintendo consoles. This would be a good time to start playing these games, I suppose!
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