• It seems we are going to finally see Borderlands 3 at PAX this month
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https://twitter.com/GearboxOfficial/status/1105543983516639232 I do understand quite a majority of people here hate Randy and Gearbox, but come on Borderlands 3 finally! I really hope it actually is B3 and not some sort of remake, and I hope Tales from the Borderlands characters show up again.
Can't wait for the cringe writing and memes everywhere
Should be a pretty BADASS conference
Didn't Anthony Burch leave, though? The creator of all the cringe memery?
I thought Anthony Burch left or did they just hire another just as bad writer
borderlands for switch
So which other game did they bleed dry and butcher for this
The writing in Battleborn had a shit ton of memery and cringe and that was after Anthony Burch left
The previous games were fun with friends, so I'm looking forward to it
Most of presequel was also post burch if I remember right?
Honestly I prefer the cringe of borderlands over destiny's nothingness.
Watch it be Borderlands: The Mobile Experience. An idle mobile game about like, collecting hot dogs. With functionality to trade them in for gold keys in Borderlands 3 when it ships(which naturally will either be forgotten about completely or amount to an unreasonably high amount for 1 key to not cut into profits from them charging money for gold keys).
It's gonna be Borderlands: The Handsome Collection VR, exclusively for PSVR
Presequel was so bad that me and a friend literally dragged through the entire last quarter recently underleveled. The writing makes me want to smash my head with a rock, and the game rarely gives you any rare loot. Going back to 2 was much better, so I have a lot of doubts when it comes to 3 if they continued the same shit as pre.
I'm praying this turns out to be good. Borderlands 2 is my second most played game on Steam behind TF2 and has to be up there in the top 5 for my most played games in general. In a era where plenty of devs try and fail to make Looter-Shooters, BL2 seems to be the only one to stand out as a legitimately great game, cringe dialogue aside.
I'd hope that they learn from the mistakes of the previous ones but they probably wont
Do we know what happened to the Tales From the Borderlands writers? I can dream they're the ones on it
I'm so upset there was no resolution to the ending of the game
Hoping its good. I had a lot of fun with 2.
Borderlands 2 tried too hard with its humors and story and was way too wacky (I hate Claptrap, he was slightly better in poker night at the inventory 2), and borderlands 1 and presequel are my favorite, so of course I'm gonna root for this one. Plus, apparently there is no anthony burch, so it makes it better.
Presequel was made by their Australian studio and in far shorter time than BL2 so unless they do that again hopefully it won't be as bad.
I hope the Tales writers are working on this game. If Borderlands learned to actually embrace the interesting universe it has rather than using random humor I think this game could do well.
Having recently replayed 2 with some mates, it really, really, wasn't trying as hard as a lot of you are making out. Claptrap is meant to be a truly shitty character to be around. Nobody likes him, not even the other characters. The player quips can get excessive, and some of the other NPCs really ham it up. But most of the memery is left to weird fucking easter eggs or challenge names. It was just a radical departure in the direction the writing went after BL1, and honestly it kinda works for the game. It's not Shakespeare, but it's not total trash either.
I do hope they'll improve the general gunplay for BL3. BL2's gunplay feels like absolute garbage with the tacked on outdated early 2010s CoD style of gunplay mechanics of useless hipfire, slow movement while ADS and disorienting forced FOV reduction when aiming. In games where there's enemies of varied body types and guns that do more than just shit out bullets, it's pretty much a no grainer to go for a more responsive and faster style of gunplay opposed to that horrible psuedo-tactical gunplay style BL2 had. With that said, I'm gonna miss Gaige and her Anarchy. That shit was legit one of the most fun game mechanics I've fucked with in an FPS game.
Guess there ain't no rest for the wicked still huh. Excited what's coming at the end of the month. This is a very sick timeline.
Randy and gearbox make me vomit, but borderlands was pretty fun :<
The only thing I hated with 2 was the artificial difficulty of sponge enemies that take chunks off of your hp in a couple of hits.
I can't wait for the FBI to arrest Randy Pitchford on stage as he's announcing Borderlands 2: Battle Royale Mobile
I was going to say this. BL2 is one of my favourite games, even playing solo, and it had some dope DLC, but it reached a point where higher-levelled enemies just meant 'this thing'll do 10k damage to you if it blinks too hard...meanwhile, you can do 1000 damage with a headshot'. BL2 also did a pretty good job with characters; you very quickly grew to hate Jack, the main four were pretty good (love u Zer0 <3), and the supporting characters made up for any areas that lacked personality (Salvador, ahem). I hope BL3, or whatever this is going to be, knocks it out of the park with characters, and perhaps dares to do something new rather than 'Here's your healer, here's your sniper, and here's your alpha male gun nuts'. I don't have as much of a problem with the 'memey' writing as others, especially since I always thought it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, rather than genuinely thinking OMGWTF? was funny. That said, if there are any god damn Fortnite references in the latest addition to the series, I'll scoop my own eyeballs out. this post is written quite calmly but i could squeal; i've missed borderlands.
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