• Black trans woman charged with hate crimes after NYC pepper spray attacks
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she doesn't sound like a very pleasant person to begin with. trump's america fucking sucks, racism is more visible now than it was the past few decades, but attacking random, innocent bystanders because they were white is just perpetuating the very thing you should be fighting against.
Atleast this shows that its people and not just white people.
Yeah, this really evens it all out /s
Now we have true equality.
yeah those guys surely deserved it, they've LITERALLY and UNIRONICALLY enslaved black people and they even still OWN them!!!
wat, no that's not what i'm saying at all. wtf I just mean that it's a silly to imply that this shows that racism is an equal phenomenon like come on
think he was just adding onto the sarcasm
We're too deep in the irony
I once went down to Africa to partake in the irony trade.
What's the official unit of racism so we can compare racism units between groups?
Economic disparity is a good unit to start with
Racism doesn't occur in units???
I think it's gallon, liter, quart, and ounce
On the Islands of Fiji the Indian residents have multiple sanctions imposed against them, they cannot own land outside of certain areas, they can no longer run for high office and they get taxed more simply based on their race. Despite these obvious acts of discrimination the Indian citizens make up the majority wealth in Fiji. If you were to simply say that income inequality equals discrimination than you would falsely assume it is the Indians oppressing the native Fiji people, where in reality the law greatly favors the natives. Jews, one of the most oppressed people's on Earth have historically managed to become one of the most wealthy as well. You can't simply blame difference of outcome on discrimination.
It sure is a good thing that I said that it would be a good place to start, not to end, and that furthermore this discussion is taking place within the United States, a country where prejudice is currently inextricably tied up with economic status due to policies of segregation which were only recently dismantled. I didn't say that monetary disparity is a global standard for measuring discrimination, I said that it was a good place to start in a thread about a specific country. Another good place would be to measure the number and severity of hate crimes. You need to look at more than one statistic if you want to get a nuanced view of everything, but I didn't feel like writing a dissertation.
I thought it was Hitlers Picohitler Conversion Tool
and sarcasm doesn't need an "/s" for every occasion. unless you're talking to an idiot
Then please, explain what the post actually meant, considering I'm an idiot
there's no real easy way to define how racist one part of the population is because racism isn't measured with well-defined parameters. basically you just explained his joke for him, racism isn't measured in units
Yeah, exactly. But it doesn't need to occur in units for it to be clear that it happens a lot more to certain people
This is a bad look for you dude
Not to downplay the issue of minority discrimination, but just to give a personal anecdote: I live in southern US in an area where you'd truly expect the redneck stereotype to be true, for most white people to be racist or at least biased against minorities. And yet, I see far more racist Hispanics and African Americans (toward the whiteys) in person and on my social media. People who I thought were my good friends in high school now calling for vengeance against white people for things that they've never witnessed or endured in their entire lives. So it's hard to say that racism always happens a lot more to minorities because it really does need to be brought down to a local perspective. Sure, it doesn't apply everywhere, hell it doesn't even apply in most places, but where I am, and I'm sure in many other areas, racism is actually directed the other way. The real problem doesn't lie within what race a person is, I think, but rather how many factors exist around them to indoctrinate and sway them into becoming radical. Media and parenting are the two biggest that come to mind.
He was talking about it being from people, not to people.
people tend to forget that racial equality under law is only a fairly recent thing, the civil rights act was only signed into law in 1964. slavery and segregation had a huge long lasting effect on black people, and the echos of those effects are still around today, most notably the economic suppression of black people. if youve grown up in poverty your entire life and your parents have told you the shit they went through during segregation, and even the years after the civil rights act was passed, its not unreasonable to assume that some people will fester a hatred towards the other race, just as many white people do also (all islam is bad because terrorism, all immigrants are bad because rape, etc)
We should certainly try to understand why someone is a certain way, and we can acknowledge the environmental factors that led them to where they are today, but ultimately this is an academic exercise, not one that excuses anything. People are responsible for the things they choose to do, full stop.
Got my own story. Blew my mind when I got into an argument a few weeks ago on a college campus with someone who genuinely believed you can't be racist towards white people. I brought up the incident at Evergreen about a year ago and they were legitimately defending the threats of physical violence made against the staff. No one's saying white people are getting it worse when it comes to discrimination, but why the hell would you think this type of behaviour is appropriate? Racism is still racism. The hypocrisy of saying you're against bigotry and discrimination while actively promoting and/or engaging in it. Jesus.
its wrong and theres no excuse for it, im trying to lay to rest the claim that america actually has racial equality
Anyone who actually thinks that everyone is treated equally according to race in America is delusional. The racial issues we have in this country -- not only against black people, but they're most likely still the most affected -- are not going to go away unless we acknowledge how shit it is right now.
white americans are in no way oppressed
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