• Turns out Johnny Depp was abused by Amber Heard.(court doc and photos included)
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(This is gonna be a very weirdly put together post as a lot of stuff is coming about this right now) https://theblast.com/johnny-depp-amber-heard-black-eye-photo/ Here's the court documents on this case currently. https://www.courthousenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/DeppHeard.pdf
Holy shit, what a plot twist.
I feel like this news won't reach the people who actually need to hear it, and and the snarky internet personalities that all joined in on the brief "Johnny Depp is a monster" wave will continue ringleading the circus of 'men cannot be abused' and 'believe every claim.'
It's currently blowing up on twitter right now from what i'm seeing. Hopefully this continues and this isn't just a dud.
I'm thinking about sharing the article with some of my siblings, but I get the feeling they'll probably get angry at me or not believe it.
Holy fuck, you weren't kidding; that finger picture almost made me audibly retch.
And that's why i don't open my fucking mouth about shit like this until the evidence has been scrutinized.
Jenkins said he was able to use “Find My Phone” to help him find where Depp’s belongings had ended up but when he couldn’t find them, he asked several homeless men he found in the area for help. He then explains, “One homeless man admitted to me that he had the phone, and he returned the phone to me in exchange for the following: (1) $425 cash; (2) three chicken tacos; (3) 2 bags of chips; (4) 2 apples; and (5) four bottles of water.” sorry but this hilarious
Johnny Depp may be an asshole, but wow nobody deserves this, and this is really fucked up.
I'm probably blind but I can't find it, got a link?
Just another unoriginal fetch quest
I saw a BBC documentary recently about a British man who was massively abused for years by his girlfriend and the mother of his child. He has burns and scars all over his body and was emaciated when the police found him. It was heartbreaking. It's a shame this type of abuse is not recognised.
Im kinda out of the loop with all of this. Johnny Depp was called a wifebeater and in the end it was the inverse?
No kidding, I feel kinda terrible now tbh Lesson learned for next time I guess.
"Only men can abuse" I hope this just proves to people that you shouldn't make judgements until you have all of the information.
Damn that finger injury is gnarly. Hollowed the whole tip out
Oftentimes abusive relationships are more or less mutual. Doesn't mean one can't be abusing the other in a more serious or harmful way, of course.
I know Amber Heard posted that picture of her with a bruise on her face. It is kinda difficult to figure out who was retaliating from just pictures, but I think it's fair to say that throwing glass at somebody is not proportionate to a punch in the face, whether it happens before or after.
Apparently in the documents her own friends attest to helping her plan out faking that.
Holy shit. If that's true, what a manipulative monster, I can't imagine what kind of abuse Depp has gone under up until this point
There was a women's abuse helpline here which advertised that women should call it if they were being abused or afraid they might be abused. Probably still exists, fair enough. There was a men's abuse helpline which advertised that men should call if they thought they might start abusing their partner. As far as I could tell these helplines were being run by the same group, though I haven't seen ads for the men's one in quite a while. This was a couple of years ago and I have seen general helplines for all and even one men's helpline for men being abused, but it's still disgusting that most people default to the idea that men are always the abusers in relationships.
imagine being such a tool you believed this story without any actual evidence backing it up. all based on hearsay and photos that couldve been manipulated.
Called it in a thread about depp many moons ago and got the bog standard white knight "hurr durr living up to your username" response. I've been involved in combat sports for most of my life, i know what kind of contusions are produced by a fist to the face, and that shit was fake as fuck. It doesnt help things that it was apparently a deep bruise on her cheekbone the next day, and then the very next day she was photographed all blemishes had miraculously disappeared! normal people take about 2 weeks or more to have bruises like that clear up, but genetically superior ubermensch Heard clears that shit up in 3 days flat!
Unfortunately, that's sort of the society we live in these days. People are generally more quick to believe when a woman is raped or abused despite lack of evidence (which to be fair in rape cases, is hard to come by), but when it happens to a man, people either don't believe it, or they chastise the man for not having been able to "stand up" against it (or in rape cases, the classic "I bet you enjoyed being raped"). A man can be abused and raped just as much as a woman can. I'm not discounting that I'm sure it's more common for these things to be committed by men, just that this is not something to have a double standard on.
I might be a bit out of the loop here but why exactly is he an asshole? I've only ever known him to be incredibly immature and foolish with his money, not much else.
you could say the exact same thing about heard coming out to accuse depp
and we only hear about this because he deviated from the quest marker as usual
Has this been confirmed? I only can find this article and TMZ as sources, and everybody knows the quality of the latter.
You can look in to the actual court documents. I think they were linked.
He's a massive drunk. To be fair he has crippling anxiety and he said the buzz keeps him mildly away from his misanthropic tendencies and I pity him more than anything.
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