• Measles, once eradicated from the US, reported in 12 states.
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Measles cases reported in 12 states. Outbreak spreads in Brookly.. Between Jan. 1 and March 7, 228 measles cases have been reported to the CDC. Measles outbreaks have been reported in Washington, New York City, New York’s Rockland County, Texas, Illinois and California.  The highly contagious disease spreads quickly in places where people aren’t vaccinated.
I read this headline and proceeded to immediately sigh audibly.
Is it time for a purge? I think this warrants something at least anyway (maybe not straight up taking people out back and putting them down behind the shed but still) because this is just fucking stupid, even from across the waters.
At this point, this image doesn't seem so bad if real https://i.redd.it/8euowbeepxc01.jpg
pls invent vaccine guns for our next school shootings
Okay so I always took anti-vaxxers seriously as bad influences. I've always acknowledged that the misinformation they peddle is bad, but I never took them seriously as a threat to the fabric of our society. Yet here we are, actively learning about diseases re-emerging - this is just like the flat earth shit all over again. You think people are joking. Then you think it's just the stupid people. Then, all of a sudden, it's a whole lot more people, and discourse shifts toward convincing these people of basic facts.
I just wish the anti-vaxxers would suffer, and not their kids
Anti-vaxxers should be stripped of their children and imprisoned, they are literally endangering ALL of society by spreading junk "science" in order to feel some warped sense of fulfillment.
Anti vaxx is bioterrorism.
Amazing that the man that fuckin made this shit up admitted to doing so for recognition and yet people are still running with his provably false claim.
Decades of progress are regressing because of dangerous non-sense like this. Unbelievable. Something has to do be done about this. We can't let this movement keep going any further. The more this movement keeps going, the more dangerous it becomes. That said, is there any way we can curb this anti-vax movement down? It's very clear that the majority if not all of the anti-vaxxers will just simply reject the facts that we throw them anyways. So, there has to be other options.
Who would win, decades of scientific and medical advancement or Stacy on Facebook.
Amazin idea u deserve a coin
Just don't let these assholes to go Pakistan and bring back polio for fuck sake
this image is both funny and infuriating who the hell thinks this is LITERALY whats happening? you know what? I bet this came from Russia...
It's actually made by an artist who does many surreal illustrations like these. His website is on the bottom left of the picture. Well worth a visit for a laugh. Also fuck anti vaxxers, I know it goes against the point of their freedom that people oh so love to defend but shit like this should just result in a hefty fine, jail time would be pointless in this case. You didn't vaccinate your kids, or give them a feel good bracelet as a substitute for vaccinating? You better pay the fuck up for the damage you would cause for both the country and your children. It's so unbelievable that this is happening especially in this year.
All we can hope is that their children don't make it and that the problem eventually solves itself. You really can't fight memetic stupidity with force.
Got them here in Auckland now :s
I know the guy who makes these is full on tin foil teir, but i thought that the whole thing is "reee muh murcury and muh autism", how the fuck are they shoehorning jews into it now?
The more I see this picture, the more I identify those officers as heroes and the mother as a negligent bio terrorist.
Because "social Darwinism"
The newest thing I’m hearing lately around here is “all these illegals comin’ into da country aren’t vaccinated are causing all doz diseases to come back!” We’re fucked.
Ah yes. When in doubt just blame the immigrants.
The world is going to kill itself with its own stupidity. Something really needs to be done about the rampant disinformation on the internet.
All conspiracists eventually come back to the jews. It's like rule 1 in the extremist nutcase handbook that no matter what the conspiracy is, the Jews/Israel/Zionism are a sinister force leading it.
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