• 343 Wants Fans To Stop Sending Them Pizza Following MCC PC Announcement
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https://twitter.com/ske7ch/status/1105616224656846848 Earlier today, the Master Chief Collection got announced for PC, finally bringing a number of heavily-requested titles from the series to the PC. A few days ago, a user on Reddit was so excited about the possibility of the Halo collection on PC, they offered to buy the first responding 343 employee a pizza. Community director at 343 Brian Jarrard, going by the user name ske7ch343, replied with a tease in response asking for pizza. It was a cute thing that no one took all that seriously and no one would have been offended if a pizza didn't get bought. As a fun joke, fans bought ske7ch343 a pizza after the announcement. And then...more pizza.  https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/03/12/343-wants-people-to-stop-sending-them-pizza
>I think pineapple and jalapeño is a troll The pizza shop I used to work in had a spicy Hawaiian pizza that was reasonably popular. It's not that odd.
Putting pineapple on pizza should be a war crime.
please when you send pizza to 343 make sure to add the N at the end. they'll actually eat it.
war crimes never tasted so good
They're just being modest, better send them some more pizza
This is what happens when a company actually listens to what the consumers want, teases it pretty damn well, and fucking delivers. https://twitter.com/ske7ch/status/1105599927973928960 These cheeky bastards playing halo on PC with their pizza, glorious. I think it's running on PC?
You know that each time somebody puts a piece of pinapple on a pizza, a pizzaolo dies in Italy. It's serious.
2017 wants its memes back.
I thought cool zingers were not allowed anymore. On topic though, I still do not believe that they will finally release the entire series on PC and even on Steam. Will it support full multiplayer?
Full multiplayer, releasing the game chronologically starting with remaster reach campaign and MP, crossplay with windows store and steam for mulitplayer. Probably starting this fall/winter
Orbital Drop Shock Tacos I think this would be more fitting.
The idea of tacos plummeting from the sky titanfall style with a unique crate sounds sounds too good
This has been such wholesome news in light of... everything else happening in the industry.
I think "stop sending us pizza" is code for "I need more pizza"
Development of MCC on PC has been delayed due to the entire development staff fighting off food comas.
Gg now that everyone knows about this more pizzas are coming. They'll have pizza till they die
The article is incorrect. Everyone took the pizza thing seriously
That is in fact a Slayer match on the Reach map Corvette. Running windowed. Reach PC must be farther along than we thought.
Reach E3 release?
That’s what I’m thinking.
Meanwhile at 343: https://youtu.be/v5yG56iOtOg
Reported; the forum rules don't allow for NSFW Gore
You should check out the gluten free options for frozen pizza of your local grocery store. I hav no idea how most of that sells, they are just dreadful.
https://twitter.com/baconsbytes/status/1105873374784286720 Yus.
It always amazes me how evenly split the opinions are on this. It feels like every time someone brings it up, it's about 50/50
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/134246/deb9cf52-fd20-4c60-8270-976671eb97a5/image.png Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.
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