• Dwarf Fortress launches on Steam with a brand new look
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Shut up and take my money!
Uh oh
Finally I can play it while knowing what im looking at.
100% a game worth paying for
Holy hannah, DF has been in production for 17 years? Time flies, doesn't it?
If there's one games that i'd be 100% willing to give money to it's the creators of Dwarf Fortress. Their pet project has become so wonderfully expansive that it's a treasure to go in once and again when I wish. I hope their health problems get fixed.
Holy fuck I'm finna nutt all over my desk.
This game has been around since my child hood, I have never forgotten playing this during middle school years and it's never been dropped from my game inventory. This is completely and utterly worth whatever amount of money they need to keep going.
Nice, I always had a hard time with the ASCII graphics.
Even if I never play it I'll buy this
So basically the Steam version is getting an official graphical tileset as well as some of the benefits of just being on Steam. Cool!
Definitely buying. They deserve this money.
They deserve everything. DF is one of those crazy games that can provide endless of entertainment without repeating itself.
While I'm used to the ASCII graphics and have a personal color palette that I love, it is pretty nice they got a native visual overhaul now officially. Pretty excited!
First the Master Chief Collection and now Dwarf Fortress?? what crazy timeline is this??
been donating to their patreon for ages even if i haven't been playing in a long time, gonna buy this just to support them
And on the third day, Half-Life rose again. Nah, who am I kidding? But this is super awesome and I might finally decide to give Dwarf Fortress a shot.
I've been waiting for this for fucking ever. Always wanted to get into this game after hearing all the crazy shit that can and does happen, mostly from here, but I could never quite grasp it because I'm retarded.
That sidebar looks so clean. I wonder what does the rest of the UI look like.
DF has had tilesets for like a decade now... that part isn't new at all.
While I have no problem with paying for dorfs, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to ship with a graphical tileset? I am disproportionally angry at this.
The vanilla ascii is a bit of an eye rape to be honest, at the very least it tends to be a good idea to setup a more natural color palette for the characters.
Poseur. A true Dwarves Fortress affectionado plays by reading the raw data in binary.
Yes I'm so glad about this! I tried getting into DF so many times, but I just couldn't because of the ascii art and because I'm an idiot who doesn't know how the game worked. Maybe this will help a bit
Is there any reason not to use a graphical tile set, or is it just a no true scotsman thing
Since 2002? Can't beat Grimoire then. Still - amazing news. I like ASCII roguelikes but DF is a mess for me, too much going on and else.
"Now with graphics! (Optional ASCII mode available.)" No reason to be angry for making it appeal to widest possible audience. They made it clear they need the extra income for family medical needs so this will 100% bring in more purchases than sticking with ASCII as the default.
No reason to not use them. It's just a taste thing. I guess for players that have been on the ASCII tileset for a long time can have issues telling what's what when using a graphical tileset. I had that issue before
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