• Game Industry analysts says rumor has it Sony is looking to aquire Take-Two
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This would make future Rockstar games PlayStation exclusives wouldn't it? fuck
is this a bad thing? Doesn't feel like a bad thing.
Sony cannot afford Take Two. I don't know exactly how much they're worth, but GTA makes so much (alone) that they'd be likely going and spending over 12 to 15 billion dollars on this.
You can usually get a loan for a share buyout, from what I understand.
Rockstar and Take Two have always had a good relationship with Sony, so it makes sense, but I doubt this will happen.
Please no. I still want gta on pc
If I had to speculate, a lot of this would be around their sports IP's. Sony only holds the rights to the MLB, but by acquiring Take-Two, they'd be directly competing at near-parity with EA within the sports genre. EA dominates Football and Soccer, whereas 2K sports dominates NBA and wrestling; so with Sony's additional MLB license, EA would finally have a competitor. GTA brings in absurd amounts of money both on initial launch, and in the long term as GTA Online showed, so I highly doubt Sony will mess with the platforms it sees release on. If anything we may see a timed Sony release or some exclusive content for PS4 potentially.
Man, PS5 vs. Next gen Xbox is already shaping up to be an amazing generation. Microsoft has been picking up studios left and right, while allowing them to work without deadlines (for the moment), not to mention Game Pass. Meanwhile Sony is about to acquire a fucking boatload of IPs, and they might make GTA exclusive.
While Microsoft is actively encouraging multiplat & cross pollination Sony is actively stifling it so basically fuck them if they do this.
Could Rockstar, in theory, declare independence from Take Two if this happens? I mean they certainly have the money, idk if they're under an infinite contract or something.
Get absolutely fucked.
How is Michael Pachter still getting any sort of work?
Think they'd make T2 tone down on the microtransactions at all? I wouldn't mind it if it meant they made actual games instead of "services" in the future.
That wouldn't matter if they made it a console exclusive
I don't think the rumormill got this one right. Take Two doesn't really need a buyer, they're rich as fuck and printing money
God I fucking hope not. Sony's a shit company for the games industry what with their exclusivity and other bullshit they've been peddling. They already own enough, they don't need Take Twos excellent studios as well.
Anything spouted by Michael Pachter and his company can be immediately discarded as tripe. I don't know how a man can make a career as long as he has while being as consistently wrong as he has.
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