• Aldi enlists pros to defeat dinner time gamers and reunite families
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Aldi enlists pros to defeat dinner time gamers and reunite famil.. Honestly, this is no better than the Bully-Hunter campaign.
Do they know that single-player games exist
but you can pause those
this is dumb, people are just as likely to get salty as hell and refuse to put the game down until they take down the guy who's killing them not to mention you've just put your kid in an awful mood, I'm sure that will lead to a pleasant dinner experience what if instead of paying somebody for dumb gimmicks you actually tried connecting with your children
>Dinnerhunter77 is joining the game >Dinnerhunter77: "Name the side dish"
Unable to join server reason: full
LIterally playing only to make kids ragequit the game which pretty sure can't be fucking healthy, you're pretty much paying someone to bully your kid into submission. Honestly at this point just forcefully turn of the TV or console or something, what parent is going to go through this dumb effort.
this reminds me of that one dude in china who hired a "gamer hitman" of sorts to make his son quit playing so many god damn games i don't think this is gonna go well
This reminds me of what Terry Crews did with his son and video games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pda_JiX3_JE
Tbh I don't mind spending time with family but even when I was a kid it wasn't necessarily that I want to play video games but moreso I just enjoy eating alone.
I tried it but I kept getting memory leeks.
Relevant: https://twitter.com/i/status/1103041529097142274
This is what I used to like a lot about my family before all shit broke loose. We were legit a family of video games. Everyone played em. It wasn't abnormal. It was great that was our family time. We would still have dinner at a normal time but we chilled with video games. We had a local Black Hawk Down group(and map editors) and we play a new map every week. Truth is video games isn't bad and nor is time management but this is just plain silly. It's really obvious how silly it is really with how game services are built these days.
Time to reunite families so they can all get together and eat their dinner in front of the TV not saying anything aside from the one family member who makes political comments during the news and makes everyone feel uncomfortable.
All the cool kids play fortnite.
Just the phrase "dinner time gamers" cracks me up. I want to start a clan with that name.
Is this actually that common of an issue? I had it nailed into my head pretty early on that when you were called for dinnertime, you went.
I used to tell my parents "hold on I gotta find a save point!" when asked to come for dinner. Even in games that automatically saved your progress, or were online matches, or you could save and quit at any time. My parents never wised up :P Of course my parents would just yank the power cord if it was really important rather than hire some epic gamers to 1 v 1 me.
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