• Reuters: Streamer Ninja paid $1m by EA to play and promote Apex Legends
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Honestly even though this is insane considering this is more money than the entire budget of 99% of games just to buy one single influencer, this might make sense. Having every single top streamer play Apex on its launch stole fortnite's spotlight overnight. Probably the most successful AAA marketing strategy in recent years.
With Anthem I'd be hesitant, but play Apex and get paid a mil? Holy shit sign me up.
The game's fantastic, he'd have probably played it anyways (and then switched back to Fortnite because honestly he's pretty bad in Apex)
I would stream hello kitty island adventure for $1m
He was probably going to play it anyway, this is just free money for him. I'm not really a fan of companies paying people off to promote their games. On the other hand I want Epic to feel some hurt so I'm going to be a hypocrite and sit out the criticism on this one.
Meanwhile im pretty sure it was shroud who was streaming apex constantly for over a week solid with like 4/5ths of the total viewer count for it at the time
Must be great being a really popular streamer. You can be white and say the n-word as much as you want, and you won't get punished for it like people in literally every other line of work.
Twitch would be mad to give up their largest source of revenue, despite meaning that morality is thrown out the window. It's just good business
Shroud has been killing it on Apex, until his Scooter crash this week. I am shocked they didn't do this for Shroud as he has been peaking on Apex at the moment for views. Not sure how anyone else feels, But I cannot stand Ninja, he comes across as a toxic man baby.
Is it bad that I can't help but be a little bit bitter? I can't help but feel childish, but 1,000,000$ fucking dollars to play a video game.
if you know how much wealth inequality there is in the world how could you not be bitter
Right? I wish I could be paid to act like a total dipshit on the internet.
It's just the world we live in now. There's different forms of media. Imagine how much it costs to hire a team of people, actors, use a lot and build a set, get filming permits, catering for all the crew, shoot and edit a commercial, then pay for every 30 second spot on a couple networks (Of which people who play games like Apex don't even watch) Or you can just pay the most popular streamer a straight Million to get DAYS worth of advertising
From the article. EA also paid popular Polish-Canadian streamer “Shroud,” who has nearly six million Twitch followers, to play Apex Legends but declined to disclose the terms of the deal. ] I'm sure someone will come forward with how much EA paid him.
The power of influencers everybody. There's no question in my mind that Apex taking off as fast as it did was because of big streamers like Ninja being paid to play the game. Also, so much for practically "no marketing strategy" as EA or Respawn said for Apex. Granted, a little over $1 million is probably barely pocket change compared to most EA marketing stunts. Either way, this is all for a game that is honestly pretty fun, so I'm not upset at this. If anything, I'm finally fucking glad the Respawn has a massively successful game on their hands. They really deserve it.
They're not paying for him to play the game, they're paying for him to sell it to his viewers.
As long as it was disclosed that it was an ad for apex, i don't see the problem? Yeah, Ninja is a shit, but I don't see a problem with him being paid to promote a game.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m5P_n5njCQ The top 0.00001% of streamers make a boatload, but that's like being bitter about lottery winners, it's all up to extreme luck really.
kind of doubt it I found it weird that Fortnite's golden boy jumped teams, I guess my bet was right. still don't know why anyone enjoys ninja, he's the blandest twitch user I've ever seen And while Apex is a pretty cool game, there are waaay too many cheaters.
I have 0 confidence in my personality or ability to play games but I suddenly feel like maybe I should give the streaming racket a shot
Don't worry! You can be an absolutely garbage human being and so long as you can either pretend to be somebody else or have a dedicated team of Twitch moderators to ensure that any dirt on your channel is removed before it gets spread around Reddit! Almost none of the top streamers are the people they pretend to be when streaming. Ninja barely keeps his facade up, and he still gets fucking boatloads.
I'm not even mad that he was paid a million dollars to advertise a game. I'm mad that it's essentially a drop in the bucket relative to the literal millions he's made in "donations." I don't understand the culture on Twitch of donating to already massively popular streamers. It's one thing to buy merch or even subscribe to a Patreon for certain content creators, depending on the perks. A donation or subscription on Twitch is literally just that - a donation. Freely given money to someone who already has millions. And for what? Five or six seconds of the multimillionare saying your screenname? I have a hard time watching VODs because any decently large streamer is interrupted every minute or two so they can say "thanks for the resub :DDDDD" rather than actually focusing on the content they're putting out. Really, the deal itself is next to nothing. Actors and other celebrities get paid ten times the amount to sit on a thirty second commercial for products constantly. It only makes sense from a marketing perspective to use one of the largest followed people in the community as a platform for your upcoming title. It's like paying for an ad during a highly viewed sporting event or popular TV show premiere.
I don't watch shroud or ninja (or anyone for that matter) but it'd be hard to argue that there isn't a decent amount of skill (luck as well, of course) and a whole lot of hard work required to become and remain a famous streamer.
Twitch encourages it (in the form of subscriptions and bits) because they take a sizable cut of the money. And non-Twitch donations through things like Streamlabs still generate a cut for the donation service. And, of course, the streamers encourage it because $$$$$. Celebrity seems to be paired with an ability to subconsciously talk people out of their money, because if I give him cash senpai will acknowledge me. It's the next generation of paid autograph.
yep its a full time job where you have to play an extremely small selection of games over and over again because you're a slave to the community and have to play the most popular shit sure if ninja or shroud hoped on dragon age they'd still have plenty of people watching for the first bit but it would die off quick its the same with youtubers, you have to put in a lot of work and carve out a niche for yourself that takes years, and even then its luck
It's not a job I'd want personally, even with the wages. Seems totally unsustainable.
Yea man, he was in hospital and has to have surgery as well. Fucked his right arm up by landing on it to protect his left arm (mouse hand).
Shroud's my boi. Literally the nicest fucking guy on Twitch unless he's styling on an opponent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC6rIWg1v0w&t=594s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUK9UKuZxOE
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